TikTok Propaganda: The Latest Danger to Your Kids

tiktok app on a phone with USA and China flag

TikTok has already proven to be somewhat dangerous for young children. Now a new danger is spreading like wildfire all over the service: propaganda. With the young audience highly susceptible to disinformation, this new plague could be the worst yet for the younger generation. This article will dive into the truth about propaganda on TikTok … Read more

Is Reddit Safe for Kids?

Reddit logo on a phone

Reddit is a popular discussion site that features specific rooms for popular children’s games like Roblox. Despite this, Reddit is supposed to be off-limits for anyone under the age of 13. You may struggle to stop your child from making an account on the site in secret. So, how safe is Reddit for kids? Adult … Read more

Is Minecraft Safe for Kids?

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Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular video game titles amongst children. Despite being a popular single-player game, it has an online multiplayer component that can make understanding the game’s safety difficult for a parent or guardian. Below are all the potential dangers of Minecraft and how you can avoid them. Is Minecraft an … Read more

Is Fortnite Safe for Kids?

fortnite on an iPad

Fortnite is a popular online game among young people, but that doesn’t make it safe. With 350 million players as of May 2020, it’s difficult to know who your child may be interacting with, so are you sure they’re safe playing Fornite? Fortnite Scams Scammers use Fortnite to lure in children because it’s so popular. … Read more

How to Stop Your Children Spending Money Online

child talking on the phone with money laying on the desk

There are many apps, websites, and online games designed to be attractive to children. With the rise of micro-transactions, children are being tempted to spend money with unscrupulous skinner box tactics. How can you be sure to prevent your kids from spending money? Below are some steps you can take to prevent your children from … Read more

How to Protect your Child from Online Abuse, Hacking, and Cyberbullying

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I’m a father of two adorable children, and I’ve founded hacked.com because of them. I’m 30 years old and have worked with technology and social media my entire adult life. From creating web services, apps and running a large media house. After learning more about the security risks people face online, and especially children, I … Read more

How Safe Are These Kids Games?

kid playing fortnite on a video console

Kids love to play games, both on phones and on the computer, but you can’t always be sure that these games are safe. Over the years, online games have been breeding grounds for predators and bad influences. How can you be sure that these apps and websites are safe for your children? Below is a … Read more