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Parents, educators, and caregivers must prioritize children’s online safety and well-being. We have compiled a collection of insightful articles to equip young users with the knowledge and best practices to navigate the internet securely and responsibly.

In this category, you will find valuable information on topics such as:


  1. Understanding online threats and risks for children
  2. Setting up parental controls and privacy settings
  3. Educating kids about responsible social media usage
  4. Teaching children to recognize and avoid cyberbullying
  5. Encouraging healthy screen-time habits and digital well-being
  6. Guiding kids on internet etiquette and online communication

Explore our Children’s Online Safety section to discover a wealth of resources designed to help you foster a secure and positive online environment for the younger generation. Stay informed and proactive in protecting your children in the digital world, ensuring they maximize the internet’s potential while minimizing risks.

Is Reddit Safe for Kids?

Reddit logo on a phone

Reddit is a popular discussion site that features specific rooms for popular children’s games like Roblox. Despite this, Reddit is supposed to be off-limits for anyone under […]

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Is Minecraft Safe for Kids?

minecraft on a phone

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular video game titles amongst children. Despite being a popular single-player game, it has an online multiplayer component that can […]

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Is Fortnite Safe for Kids?

fortnite on an iPad

Fortnite is a popular online game among young people, but that doesn’t make it safe. With 350 million players as of May 2020, it’s difficult to know […]

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Can You Trust YouTube Kids?

youtube kids on a phone in a pocket

YouTube Kids is an app used by many parents around the world to entertain their kids. It supposedly offers a child-friendly version of YouTube, using Google’s algorithm […]

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YouTube’s Child Safety Problem

youtube photographer filming himself

YouTube is generally considered safe by most parents, especially if they get their children to use the ‘kids’ version of the YouTube app. Kids can usually be […]

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