We aim to provide a clear and customer-friendly refund policy while ensuring the sustainability of our business.

Please note: We cannot guarantee a successful recovery, removal, or resolution within a single call. As each case is unique, the duration of our expert calls may vary, with a maximum limit of 50 minutes per session. It is important to understand that not all calls will utilize the full 50 minutes. We charge for each session separately to ensure our dedicated team of experts is fairly compensated for their time and expertise.

Expert Calls

We acknowledge that plans can change, and we’re here to help.

Our $85 Expert Calls at 50 minutes, and our $45 Follow Up Expert Calls at 25 minutes

Warning: The 25-minute call is a short session! We do advise new clients to schedule the 50-minute call: https://calendly.com/hacked/expert-help

To provide our experts sufficient time to adjust their schedules, kindly cancel your meeting at least 24 hours before the scheduled call to be eligible for a refund. If you need to reschedule, use the reschedule link in the emails you receive, which allows changes up to six hours before the meeting. Regrettably, we cannot reschedule or offer refunds for missed meetings, as our security experts reserve a full hour of their workday to assist you. When a last-minute cancellation or no-show occurs, they still need to be compensated for their time.

However, we’re here to help. If you still need assistance after missing a scheduled call, you can place a new order with us. We will offer a 50% refund on the missed session when you book a new one.

We can provide a partial refund of up to 50% of the cost if you are unhappy with our service. Please explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction and send your message to [email protected]. He will respond within 24 hours during regular business hours.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you.

Removal Service & Protection Plans

We only offer a 50% refund for our removal service if the content has not been removed within 90 days.

We do not offer refunds for our Blackmail Protection, Digital Protection, or primary Protection plans.


If you have ordered our Business Recovery service for $1499, we offer a full refund minus the cost of operations, which is $99 per started hour.

We do not offer refunds for the introduction call titled “Can Hacked.com help?” or the Business Expert Help sessions unless canceled 48 hours before the meeting.

If you are unhappy with our Facebook Business Page service, please negotiate a refund with [email protected] Some costs are non-refundable due to operating expenses and third-party service providers. This is mainly for our Facebook Business Page recovery services. Please allow up to 3 months of recovery time before requesting any refunds. A maximum of 50% can be refunded due to ongoing costs.

If you want to cancel a meeting with us before getting help, you must do that 48 hours in advance by emailing [email protected], and we will issue a full refund. If you fail to do so, we cannot offer you a refund. If you do not attend a scheduled meeting and request a refund, we can only issue you a 50% refund.

You agree to the refund policy using our services, which may and will be updated.

Personal Digital Security Manager

If you have ordered our Personal Digital Security Manager service and you are unhappy with the service, we can offer up to three months’ refund and immediate cancellation.

[email protected]

We have been recommended to clients by employees at FBI and local law enforcement in the United States. For references, please send us an email.


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