For the immediate help package, we offer a 50% guaranteed refund. If we are unable to solve the situation together with you, we will refund 50% of your total costs.

Why 50% refund and not 100%?

As we are doing extensive work to help you, assigning you one of our dedicated support personnel, we do have costs we need to cover even if we are unable to help you. We have hardware costs, software costs, and manhour costs that must be covered in order for us to keep helping new and old clients.

We appreciate your understanding.

Refund Policy for our Protection Plans

If you are unhappy with our protection plan, we can offer you up to a 3-months full refund. We are unable to refund payments made prior to this.

Refund for our VIP Protection Plan

We do not offer a refund for our VIP Protection Plan, but you can cancel at any time.