For the immediate help packages, we do not offer any refunds. If we are unable to solve the situation together with you, we can offer a full security audit of your online accounts instead, worth €189.

Why no refund?

We are unable to refund you for the immediate help packages as we have direct costs that must be covered. The costs are labor, server costs, communication costs, service costs, and advertisement costs.

Refund Policy for Priority Help

As Priority Help is sold to those that cannot afford our Immediate Help package at a lower rate we are unable to offer any refund for this option. The user must also be subscribed to our protection plan for at least one year.

Refund Policy for our Protection Plans

If you are unhappy with our protection plan, we can offer you up to a 3-months full refund. We are unable to refund payments made prior to this.

Refund for our VIP Protection Plan

We do not offer a refund for our VIP Protection Plan, but you can cancel at any time.