Deepfake Warning to Women: Remove Your Bikini Images Now to Prevent Creation of Nude Images

original bikini image of woman 2

At Hacked, we work to combat cybercriminals, hackers, and blackmailers. Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, women and girls are yet again at a higher risk of defamation and blackmailing.

Due to better capable data processing and AI, persons can go to a website to convert any bikini images to nude images that look authentic. This technology is called Deepfake. Cybercriminals can use these images to target women and blackmail them or defame them.

We urge women and girls to remove their bikini images and other images that show a lot of skin from the open web to combat this new technology. While these websites primarily target women, men and boys should also consider removing images where they are shirtless.

If you want to keep your bikini images on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or similar, at least ensure your profile is private and that only trusted friends can see the images.

We have used a free service that we won’t promote to create the following images in less than 20 seconds, so you can see for yourself how this might damage you and your reputation:

Original Bikini Image of Woman 1

woman in bikini
Image by evgeny varlamov from

Regenerated Deepfake Image of Woman 1 Nude

deepfake regenerated image of woman
Deepfake regenerated image of woman 1.


Original Bikini Image of Woman 2

original bikini image of woman 2
Image by Yellowj from

Regenerated Deepfake Image of Woman 2 Nude

Original Bikini Image of Woman 3

woman 3 in bikini
Image by kiuikson from

Regenerated Deepfake Image of Woman 3 Nude

Regenerated Deepfake Image of Woman 3 Nude

Be advised; the regenerated images have poor quality since we did not purchase their services. We only used their free service to create these images, which generate images with poorer quality.

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If you have been a target of Deepfakes, please contact us or look at our services here.

Always consider what you have posted on social media to ensure that cybercriminals cannot target you. If you want to enhance your digital security, please look at our personal digital security audit here.

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