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Can You Trust YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is an app used by many parents around the world to entertain their kids. It supposedly offers a child-friendly version of YouTube, using Google’s algorithm to filter out inappropriate content. In the past, it has been shown that inappropriate content can still find its way onto the app. So, just how safe is YouTube Kids for your children?

YouTube Kids Has Shown Inappropriate Content in the Past

Peppa Pig - YouTube Kids
It was almost certainly traumatic for children to see their favorite childhood characters in these horrific situations. | Source: YouTube

There are several examples of times when the YouTube Kids app has served children inappropriate videos. Back in 2017, there was a huge scandal when it was revealed by CBC that various fake versions of popular kids’ shows were being circulated to children. These faked versions of shows featured highly inappropriate subject matter, like death and torture. While the specific examples highlighted in the report are now gone, that doesn’t mean that inappropriate content can’t still be found.

It’s Not Just About Explicit Content, It’s About Influence

YouTube Kids - Jake Paul
Thankfully, these days Jake Paul videos are harder to find on YouTube Kids. Back when he was setting his pool on fire for kicks, he was a bad influence on kids. | Source: YouTube

Explicitly inappropriate content is just one part of the problem YouTube Kids can bring. There are certain content creators on the platform that are considered problematic. These creators can have a bad influence on children. In particular, names like Jake Paul spring to mind. While the YouTuber’s own content doesn’t appear on the app, typing in his name you can find a lot of content featuring him. This is also true of other bad influencers, such as big fast food brands who can spend a lot of time on the app marketing unhealthy food to your kids.

It’s Safest To Monitor Your Kids on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids - Explore
While most of the content featured is safe, it’s a good idea to monitor what your children are watching. | Source: YouTube Kids

It is tempting to treat YouTube Kids as a baby sitter. Many people trust that Google has prevented any bad content from slipping through the cracks. You can’t be 100% sure that nothing inappropriate will end up on the YouTube Kids app. The only way to ensure that your kids aren’t watching inappropriate content is to monitor what they’re doing.

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There are other measures you can take, such as turning off searching and blocking any videos that you find inappropriate. On their own, though, these measures aren’t as good as participating in what your child is doing while using YouTube.

If you’re still worried about using YouTube Kids then contact us and we can advise you.

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