How to Recover a Hacked YouTube Account or Channel

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YouTube is an important part of many people’s lives, so when hackers steal it, what should you do? People often leave their important YouTube accounts open and unsecured for hackers to break into. This guide will teach you exactly what to do to recover a hacked youtube account. 1. Act Immediately The first thing to … Read more

Can You Trust YouTube Kids?

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YouTube Kids is an app used by many parents around the world to entertain their kids. It supposedly offers a child-friendly version of YouTube, using Google’s algorithm to filter out inappropriate content. In the past, it has been shown that inappropriate content can still find its way onto the app. So, just how safe is … Read more

YouTube’s Child Safety Problem

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YouTube is generally considered safe by most parents, especially if they get their children to use the ‘kids’ version of the YouTube app. Kids can usually be safe while watching YouTube, but that safety doesn’t extend to uploading and commenting on YouTube. YouTube has a child predator problem just as bad as, if not worse … Read more

How To Remove Unwanted Videos From YouTube

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YouTube has provided a video platform to millions of users. Since anyone can upload almost anything, that leaves users open to abuse and the sharing of personal information. What do you do if you fall victim to the sharing of your personal information? Below are the best ways to have offending videos removed from YouTube. … Read more