How to Recover a Hacked Apple Account

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Apple covers everything from music subscriptions, streaming, payments, and more. It’s necessary to have an Apple account to properly use most Apple-made hardware and software, as well as to use the company’s store. Losing access to your Apple ID can become expensive if it’s exploited by scammers.

So what would you do if someone hacked into and stole your Apple ID account? Below are the best steps that you can take to secure your account against attacks.

1. Take Action Straight Away

It is important that you act immediately if you get an email like this that you did not request yourself. | Source: W.S.Worrall

As soon as you start to suspect that anyone other than you has access to your Apple ID, you should take action. If the hacker is left long enough they could change your password, make unauthorized purchases, or even get your account banned or deleted.

2. Change Your Password

Apple - Change Password
Changing your Apple ID password can be surprisingly complex. | Source: W.S.Worrall

If you can still get into your Apple account then the first step that you should take it changing your password. In all likelihood, the hacker probably knows your current password, so any accounts that use this same password could be compromised. Log into your account and press the bag icon on the top-right of the Apple homepage. In the dropdown menu that appears, click ‘Account’. Now, under the ‘Account Settings’ heading, press the link that reads ‘Login and password’. At this point, you might have to re-enter your password. On the next menu, press the ‘edit’ button at the end of the Apple ID section. Now you’re finally on the correct screen, simply press ‘Change password’ and enter your current and replacement password.

When replacing your password it is recommended to use a password service such as those offered by most web browsers. These services allow you to use stronger passwords that are harder to guess, without having to try and remember unique passwords for each of your online accounts.

3. Apple ID Account Recovery

Apple - Account Recovery
Don’t forget: this particular account recovery process requires you to have access to an Apple device of some sort. | Source: W.S.Worrall

If you find yourself locked out of your Apple account then you’ll need to use Apple’s recovery system. Go to the Apple ID login page. Underneath the login window, click on the link that reads ‘Forgotten your Apple ID or password?’. On the next screen, enter your Apple ID username, and then your phone number. For the last step in the process, you’ll need access to an Apple device to complete the account recovery.

4. Update Your Information

Apple ID info
It is important that your account information is kept up-to-date. | Source; W.S.Worrall

Now that you have access to your account again, you should take some steps to prevent future breaches. Make sure that your back-up email and telephone number are your current ones on your Apple ID. If you have a security issue, these are two very important methods that the company has for confirming your identity. 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) is mandatory for Apple ID accounts, so you don’t need to worry about keeping that up-to-date yourself.

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