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Have you been hacked? Order our exclusive help and we will secure all your online accounts, try to recover your hacked accounts, and monitor for any compromised data on the dark web.

We Protect Celebrities & VIPs from:

Digital Attacks
Abusive Fans or Online Users
Harmful Online Content

Our clients range from movie stars in LA, famous musicians in the UK, to business executives & wealthy families in NY.

We Protect High-Value Clients Globally

Your Dedicated Team:
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Jonas Borchgrevink

Director & Cybersecurity Expert

A true digital entrepreneur & cybersecurity expert. Worked in multiple organizations, a Global Shapers Alumni by World Economic Forum, founder of,, Tailored Message. Director of Hawkfish AS and founder of

samburaj das

Samburaj Das

Head of Client Support & Cybersecurity Expert

A voracious appetite for all things tech, Samburaj has managed the editorial team and publishing at since 2016 and now Head of Client Support at Has a natural understanding of info-sec, the go-to tech nerd in various social circles.

Jonas is amazing! My daughters Instagram, email, and Venmo were hacked through her phone and he was able to get it back! The hacker was doing all sorts of crazy things on Instagram and all was resolved effectively. Super easy to work with - Thanks Jonas!!!
Beth Mason October, 2020

Some Success Rates

Facebook Recovery 75%
Twitter Recovery 95%
Playstation Network Recovery 100%
Google Account Recovery 85%
Snapchat Recovery 100%
Removal of images & videos 100%
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    Schedule a call

    Once payment is confirmed, we will send you a link to schedule a call with us on Skype.

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    Get Help

    After you've scheduled a call, we will help you secure all your online accounts & try to recover your hacked account at the agreed time and date.

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    Follow up & VIP Protection

    If you need further help after our initial session, you can schedule more appointments or chat with our experts on Skype whenever you want. We will also monitor your data for potential future breaches and send you monthly status reports to ensure you're never hacked again.

Order Exclusive Help & Protection

Stripe processes payments. The help package includes a monthly VIP Protection Plan that can be canceled at any time. This ensures that you’ll receive free help from us in the future, including yearly security audits & monthly status reports.

Refund Policy: If you are not happy with the service, we can offer you a full refund. We never guarantee that we can recover all hacked accounts, but we always do our best, and we have a high success rate. This service is mainly to ensure that you are never hacked again, which we do guarantee.

Read how we work here. Read our refund policy here.

The VIP Protection Plan is Included
Help remove images, videos, and other sensitive information
Recover hacked accounts
Try to recover any financial or digital loss
Help against threatening online behavior
Help securing digital evidence for law enforcement
Secure your online accounts
Monitoring of compromised data on the dark web
Yearly Security Audits & Security Consultation
Monthly Security Reports

Areas of expertise:

Our promise to you: Confidentiality & Professionalism. We serve clients globally, from North America to Europe & Australia.

Photos & Videos

We help you remove images, videos, and other sensitive information from the web.

Hacked Social Accounts

We help you recover hacked social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Gmail, PSN + more.

Phone or Computer Problems

We can assist you if you are having difficulties with your phone or your computer.

ID Theft

We assist you if your ID has been misused by providing evidence for law enforcement and important next steps.


We fight your cause digitally whatever that should be!

Google Reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and grateful to have solved so many cases for our clients. Click on the image or button below to read our recent reviews on Google.
twitter review of hacked
Princess Mones

10/10 recommend anyone who is/has been a victim of being hacked, Jonas has done an excellent job trying to retrieve back an account of mines that was hacked. Very professional, very supportive and polite. Truly grateful for what he’s done for me.
Bright Osei

Excellent Service. I must say I was skeptical at first but everything was so smooth. Jonas said it may take 14 days due to Corona but in two days he sent me an email with a confirmation of the work done. I hope I do not fall in the situation to need their services again but I can highly recommend this to anyone in a Similar situation. Thank you once again
Rafay Sherazi

One of my accounts got hacked. I contacted I was able to make a Skype appointment within 24 hours. Jonas B. was able to help me. He was able to have my account unhacked and was able to secure my account against future invasion. Overall, I have been very satisfied with the service and I highly recommend them.
Kelly Gibbons

I am beyond thankful for the help I received in recovering my snapchat account. I was given hope that I might regain access to the 5 years of photos and videos saved in my snap memories. (my memories were completely untouched!)
David McCoy

Someone literally stole my PlayStation account from me last night and Jonas said give me an hour and ill be able to help you. sure enough he helped me step by step and showed me everything he was doing and didn't leave me in the dark about anything he was doing. Fixed my problem in under 30 minutes. I highly recommend using him if this happens to you!!!
Nathan Beltran

Excellent Service. I was skeptical at first, but I took a chance. They helped me out with my snapchat issue. I recommend them forsure if you need help trying to retrieve your account.

Absolutely first rate! Even though they were not able to help us (we ultimately solved the problem ourselves), they refunded our money IMMEDIATELY and without question. If I find myself in this unfortunate position again, this will be the company I call!
Francesca Yeoh

The service I received from Jonas was excellent. Upon reaching out to him, he did everything he could to assist me in getting my snapchat account which was hacked. He was also very quick to reply to my questions. Unfortunately, I decided that it was no longer worth my time to pursue the matter and Jonas was very understanding and kindly refunded me. I would 100% recommend his services. Thank you again Jonas
Jean Skogman

Extremely happy! Our playstation account was hacked and stolen with a 2FA added. Hacked helped us get our account back. Could not be happier with the service. The response time was a little difficult as we were in different time zones. Would highly recommend this service. Saved us hundreds by getting access to our account.
Mel Zietsman

I was assisted by Samburaj to get my business Instagram account back that was hacked and I got it back ! It took almost 2 weeks but it’s back ! I was skeptical at first but Sam was professional, kind and very patient. Thank you Sam and - you have one very happy customer!
Bell Hutley

WOW the service is faultless. Couldn't recommend Hacked more. The staff are attentive, bright, kind and solved my issues with me every step of the way. They were reassuring and very helpful. I wouldn't have my account back if it wasn't from them. 11/10. Thank you Hacked
Shayla King

GUYS. the service is IMMACULATE ! such amazing manners and patience, i love ! if i ever get hacked again, God forbid it happening, i would definitely be coming back ! forever grateful


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Drengsrudhagen 6, 1385 Asker, Norway.

We serve globally.

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