How To Recover a Hacked Snapchat Account

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Snapchat is a service that allows people to share short videos, images, and chat with one another. People all around the globe use it to connect, but that means that there are plenty of people to try and steal your account.

So what should you do if someone hacks your account to take it from you? Here are the best steps to take when you detect suspicious activity on your Snapchat profile.

1. Take Immediate Action

security email
Emails like this are a potential warning sign that one of your accounts has been compromised. Be on the lookout for them. | Source: W.S.Worrall

The second that you get the slightest hint of suspicious activity on your account you should take action. The longer that a bad actor has access to your profile, the more damage they can do, and the higher chance that you’ll struggle to get access back.

2. Change Your Password

Snapchat - Change Password
Changing your password is the simplest step towards securing your Snapchat account. | Source: W.S.Worrall

If you can still access your account then your first step should be changing your password. It is likely that the hacker now knows your current password, so any accounts that use it are potentially compromised. Go to your Snapchat page, then press the gear icon in the top right corner. From here, press ‘Password’ and enter your current password to confirm. Now you can enter a new password.

It is recommended that you use a service such as Dash Lane or Google’s own password service. These generate very secure passwords that are harder to guess, as well as storing those passwords for you.

3. Snapchat Account Restoration

Snapchat - Account Recovery
Recovering your account is reliant on you using up-to-date information on your social media profiles. | Source: W.S.Worrall

If you find that you can’t actually enter your account anymore, then you’ll have to use Snapchat’s account recovery system. First, go to the Snapchat login page. Enter your email address or username, then press ‘Forgot your password?’. You’ll be given the option of resetting your password via email or phone number.

4. Activate 2FA

Snapchat - 2FA
Having 2FA activated on your social media accounts does a lot to keep them safe. | Source: W.S.Worrall

Once you have successfully regained control of your Snapchat account, you should take steps to keep it secure. Activating 2-Factor Authentication is a good step towards keeping your account safe. Go into the settings menu from your profile page, and press ‘Two-Factor Authentication’. Tap ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the screen, then select the method of 2FA that you wish to use and follow the on-screen instruction to activate the feature.

It is always recommended to have at least 2 methods of 2FA active so that you don’t lose access to your accounts.

5. Delete Connected Apps From Snapchat

Connected Apps
Some apps can be a serious security risk to your social media, so if you don’t use them anymore it’s wise to remove them. | Source: W.S.Worrall

As with many social media services, you can connect 3rd-party apps for various reasons. Sometimes these apps can present a security weakness in your account. If you do not remember adding an app or do not trust it, it’s best to remove it from your account. These apps can be found and deleted in the settings menu under ‘Connected Apps’.


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