Up to 10% of Gold’s Assets Could Flow Into Bitcoin

With so much focus on bitcoin as a payment method among regulators, the leading cryptocurrency’s other use case might get overlooked. Bitcoin’s other definition is a store of value, and these days investors are getting more value than they have in a long time even as the price of gold, a rival store of value, tumbles.

Indeed, bitcoin is taking its place as a safe haven and an uncorrelated asset to the broader financial markets. This is why bitcoin it’s been dubbed “digital gold,” because it has taken on some of the key attributes of the precious metal.

The price of gold has been on the decline for the past three months, during which time it’s lost more than 10% of its value to about “$1,228.70 per ounce today for Comex August. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has been in rally mode, in recent days proving once again it can rally hundreds of points in a matter of minutes as it surpassed the $7,000 level. BTC just surpassed the $7,500 level.

Gabor Gurbacs, who according to his LinkedIn profile is the director of digital assets strategy at VanEck/MVIS, believes that bitcoin is going to be the beneficiary of investors fleeing gold as a store of value. He told CNBC: “I would say as a message to investors that bitcoin is a safe haven asset or digital gold, one that trades like a tech stock.”

Gurbacs offered a forecast that takes a different tack from the usual price predictions. He looks at the digital asset in terms of capital flows, and he’s expecting bitcoin’s value to balloon in size. He pointed to the size of the gold market, which is comprised of $7 trillion outstanding in assets. Gurbacs suggests between 5%-10% of that could be directed into bitcoin, adding “investment products are necessary to get there.”

Based on bitcoin’s current market cap of approximately $128 billion and the top end of Gurbacs’ range, gold flows into bitcoin could bolster the cryptocurrency’s value more than threefold, as pointed out by CNBC.

Gurbacs pointed to three requirements for this to happen, all of which he sees a path forward for.

  • “Proper pricing benchmarks and price valuation”
  • Liquidity (he believes there’s “enough liquidity to support ETFs that institutional investors may use in these markets.”)
  • A supportive regulatory framework for digital assets

MVIS has digital asset indices including a Bitcoin Index, which Gurbacs described as an independent and regulated source for the bitcoin price, which is preferred over a site like CoinMarketCap for bitcoin-fueled ETFs and other financial products.

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Gerelyn has been covering ICOs and the cryptocurrency market since mid-2017. She's also reported on fintech more broadly in addition to asset management, having previously specialized in institutional investing. She owns some BTC and ETH.