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Unlikely Allies: Anonymous Hactivists & The US Government Join Forces Against ISIS


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Black Hat


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Unlikely Allies: Anonymous Hactivists & The US Government Join Forces Against ISIS

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This article was posted on Tuesday, 15:38, UTC.

E.T. Brooking’s wrote for Foreign Policy what Ghost Security Group executive director, DigitalShadow, calls “a very accurate reflection of our operations against extremism.” In that article, the author details the Alice In Wonderland world in which hacktivists team up with national law enforcement agencies against the Islamic State. It’s counter-intuitive, but it is so. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. One such hacktivist compiled a database of 26,000 Islamic State-affiliated Twitter accounts and even built a website to host the list so anybody could see it. The hacktivist, who goes by the pseudonym “XRSone,” essentially became the de-facto spokesman for…

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Black Hat

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