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United Airlines Hacked by Chinese Hackers

United Airlines Hacked by Chinese Hackers

by P. H. MadoreJuly 29, 2015

A group of Chinese-backed hackers have breached United Continental Holdings Inc., the company that owns United Airlines. The hackers have made off with data including manifests, which contain passenger information as well as destinations.

The company has yet to speak broadly on the topic, only to have confirmed to Bloomberg that there was an attack. Researchers have speculated that the Chinese are building a massive database, and that combined with the data stolen from the personnel management office, the Chinese Intelligence Apparatus, as it were, could have a searchable index of the movements of federal employees.

The hackers have not come forward publicly and said why they hacked the company that owns United. If broadly-held suspicions are correct, then the hackers were simply acting on orders. Bloomberg also reported that United Airlines had had other problems related to its computer system over the past couple of months, to the point where planes had been grounded, and flights had been interrupted. Whether these glitches were connected to the hack is unknown.

This is not the first we have heard of the Chinese being interested in the movements of Americans. The Chinese military repeatedly tries to hack the US Transportation Command.

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  • englishvinal

    Yep… the Chinese…. somehow it is always the Chinese….
    Wow… busy people those Chinese

    • MoNoKuai

      It could really Chinese but Chinese government backed hackers. There are many underground Chinese organised groups that will do anything to stir up political cyber cold war between US of A, EU and others to get their hidden agenda forge ahead. CIA may already knows it, therefore you hardly see any counter measure from America or from EU. However, those hackers dare not mess with Russian because they knew they will be executed as if mother nature accident hit them with collaboration of Chinese government. What I trying to say is the westerner’s hypocrisy is their’s weakness where hackers or perhaps criminals know how to take advantage then get away with it.