UK Dating Site Possibly Compromised

There is a new trend in town and it revolves around hackers compromising the personal information of members of various dating sites.

Just last week, Ashley Madison, an extra-marital dating site was compromised by hackers who released personal information of subscribers online.

POF HackedToday, a security expert has revealed that the popular UK dating site, Plenty of Fish, has been a prime target and that there is a possibility that members, who used the site in the past few days, face the prospect of being attacked and their personal information may have been compromised. It is believed that the cybercriminals utilized a spying malware that is capable of tracking and detailing the financial information of members of the site. The malware is configured as an advert and is suspected to have compromised the information of hundreds of users.

The stealer in the software is called a Tinba and it is a Trojan that stays dormant until it detects financial information. Once detected, the Tinba comes alive and steal every detail as used by its victims.

A security researcher at Malwarebytes, named Jorome Segura, said that this mode of cyber attack requires no contact. According to him, it is inconsequential whether users visit dodgy sites or not, the truth is ‘typically it will sit on your computer and wait for the user to log onto a banking site.’

Most people are not going to be aware that anything has happened. It is designed to steal people’s usernames and passwords when you log into a banking site.

Once the Tinba gets hold of victims’ information, it relays it back to the cybercriminals, who immediately proceed to empty the accounts and move on to new targets.

Segura has advised subscribers at Plenty of Fish to carefully study their bank accounts and watch out for unusual activities. He further stated that if any suspicious activity is noticed, users should immediately contact their respective banks and report fraud.

Plenty of Fish is a very popular UK domiciled dating service that claims to have over one hundred million users from across the world.

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