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Uber Drivers Don’t Want To Die On Cross-Border Trips Into Mexico

Uber Drivers Don’t Want To Die On Cross-Border Trips Into Mexico

by Justin OConnellAugust 9, 2015

Earlier in the year, reports leaked that rideubershare service Uber was surveying its drivers about their feeling on driving customers between the United States and Mexico. Hacked has learned that Uber continues with the survey to this day, as Uber drivers received requests to participate in such a survey as late as last week.

Uber intends to incentivize drivers for the trip with new trip requests and higher profits on international routes. Drivers remain less than enthusiastic about the option, although some are open to the idea.

“No thanks,” one Uber driver told Hacked.

“There are so many problems with Uber in Tijuana you have to be so be careful if you drop a pax out there,” noted another. “Pax” is Uberese for the passenger.

“Not a chance!!!!” said another driver. Some said they would possibly feel comfortable if they were Hispanic. Others would never do so.

“No way. The time to cross back is a nightmare, and the insurance issue alone cannot possibly make this a feasible idea,” said a driver. Citing it as a reason not to accept such rides, some drivers shared a video of Uber drivers being attacked in Mexico City. Some thought they might die while making the trip.

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“Have fun with that because of the legal issues and everything else. Not worth it. I choose to live and die old,” a driver told me.

“Nah! I Value my life too much.”

“Wow, that’s scary to drive across the border,” said another. “That’s risky driving.”

“Hell no!!” said another.

“That sounds like nothing but trouble,” said yet another.

“I haven’t heard this. I wouldn’t ever go into Mexico,” said one woman.

“No way, Jose. See what I did there,” said a clever male driver.

“You mean to tell me, Uber wants me to take the pax across to another country for $40, and best case scenario face a 5-hour wait to cross back? lol,” said a male driver. Some drivers are open to the idea although they didn’t view it as a feasible option for Uber.

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“I received the text recently asking if I was interested. I am comfortable driving into Mexico and have since I was 18, but there seem to be too many hassles with this idea: Internet, border wait, authorities,” she said. Would-be passengers, however, seem to think it is a good idea.


“I think this is an awesome idea to implement in the border cities of Juarez and Tijuana. I hope Uber makes this official soon, so the people in these twin border cities can enjoy better private transportation.”

“Great idea,” said another. One individual who lives in Baja California did not see how such a plan was feasible.

“I find the only time to come back to San Diego without waiting is 7 am latest. I hate the two-hour wait. Insurance is high. Don’t see how it can work…But I am listening to feasible possibilities as I do cross a few times a week.”

There could be some options for Uber, however. The US government’s SENTRI program cuts down the border wait. All you need to do is consent to a full background check, and pass said background check. Uber would likely have to target drivers with this card to ensure its drivers do not spend hours waiting at the border. Further, these drivers are likeliest to have international insurance and cell phone service.

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  • Lindsay

    “Pax” is Uberese for the passenger.

    No. It’s an abbreviation for passenger and has been around far longer than Uber.

    • narcoticano

      actually its Latin and means peace and by that definition its here for more than 2700 years

  • michaelsanchez

    5 hour wait times? Yeah, maybe peak weekend in the normal lane. I received this survey and Uber specifically asks if you have a SENTRI card. I highly doubt they would ever consider implementing this for those that can’t use SENTRI or at least ready lanes, so bringing up wait times is kind of irrelevant. The real issue is insurance. Tourist policies are not cheap unless you can actually get a significant number of these rides. The other thing is that Uber drivers do get attacked there by cab drivers. I would definitely not display trade dress.