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Trump Hotel Committee confirms a Year-Long Data Leak – Donald Trump is not Happy

Trump Hotel Committee confirms a Year-Long Data Leak – Donald Trump is not Happy

by Ali RazaOctober 7, 2015
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The Trump Hotel administration released a statement confirming that, for over a year, their clients’ credit card information was leaked and stolen by a group of hackers. Though it wasn’t yet used, private and financial information was first found to be stolen over 3 months ago.

Have you stayed at one of the seven luxurious Trump hotels in the past year or so? Well, if you have, chances are your credit/debit card numbers were stolen. Though the information was released months ago (on July 1, 2015), the Trump Hotel Collection made a public statement just a few hours ago. Not only was it months late, the statement was also released only after an Associated Press report confirmed that the hack took place.

Private data was stolen from eight of the hotel chain’s branches:

  • Trump SoHo New York
  • Trump International New York
  • Trump National Doral in Miami
  • Trump International Chicago
  • Trump International Waikiki in Hawaii
  • Trump International Hotel
  • Tower Las Vegas
  • Trump International Toronto

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The report indicated that Trump Hotels’ management hired a team of independent forensic experts and investigators who later confirmed that the stolen information was not used. In a recent security statement, the company advised everyone who stayed at a Trump hotel anytime from May 1, 2014 to mid-June of 2015 to:

Take all necessary steps possible to prevent being a victim of identity theft and/or credit card fraud.

Later today, the hotel’s administrative committee, which is headed by Donald Trump, released another statement claiming that they are working together with the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service to “punish these thieves to the full extend of the law.”

Although other hotel chains, like the Mandarin Oriental, have reported similar data breaches, the Trump Company seems to be more of a constant target for hackers. The 2016 Republican Presidential nominee has had his Twiter account hacked a number of times, each of which has led to a viral wave of Internet infamy for Donald Trump.

In August of 2014, Donald Trump’s website was hacked. It was replaced by a “Thank You Note to Jon Stewart” in which Trump was referred to as “America‘s first openly Asshole Presidential Candidate.”

The first time his account was hacked, Donald Trump was not happy:

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