TRON Price Slides 7.2% Despite Release of TRON’s Version of MetaMask

TRON just received its own version of Ethereum’s MetaMask in the form of TRONLink – an app which allows web browsers to interact with the TRON blockchain.

While the new feature may open up the TRON blockchain to the technically curious, it is unlikely to register a blip on the radar of the average altcoin buyer.

As such, TRX has seen a continuous slide for the last five days, during which time it lost 7.2% of its value.

This reverses the trend of recent months which had seen TRX break away from the pack thanks to various fundamental developments, and an always active Twitter presence.

TRON Blockchain Gets TRONLink

Created by a TRX wallet developer, TronWatch, the new TRONLink browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave Browser users.

The extension functions in the same way as Ethereum’s MetaMask, allowing for direct, secure access to blockchain applications and services.

According to the Medium blog post released earlier in the week:

“By integrating TronLink, developers are able to interact with the smart contracts they create for their DApps right inside their browser. Interactions that were previously impossible are now easily accomplished. This enables games, applications, sites, and more , all fueled by the TRON blockchain through TronLink.”

The extension comes at an apt time in the development of Tron, and can now be used to access TRONBet – the blockchain gambling app which recently pushed TRX transactions to higher numbers than that of Ethereum.

TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun, took to Twitter to announce the news himself, stating:

“With TronLink Beta, developers will now be able to access #TRON‘s blockchain, create and interact with decentralized applications from their Chrome and Firefox browser. More #Dapps on TRON very soon!”


In the five days leading up to October 23rd, the value of TRX dropped by 7.2%, as the coin price slowly dipped from $0.024933 down to $0.023114.

That’s the biggest dip TRX has taken since the flash dip on October 10-11th, when TRX lost close to 25% of its value. Yet despite this, TRX is now at break even for the month, having opened at the $0.023 mark thirty days ago.

The quarterly high of $0.04 reminds just how much potential for growth there still is the altcoin market. Back in spring of 2018, $0.04 was the support level from which TRX sprung to 100% growth in the month of April.

TRX/BTC and TRX/USDT trades are the most concentrated across various exchanges in the last twenty-four hours. TRX volumes dipped to $75 million on Wednesday, down from the $400 million recorded on October 8th.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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