This Week’s Crypto Winners

This week was a bit lighter in terms of news in the cryptocurrency world. There were no big price changes for Bitcoin, and the biggest piece of news might be the potential 51% attack on Ethereum Classic (which has caused Coinbase to delist it). On a macro-level, this news is more of a tell on how exchanges and cryptocurrency organizations react to security threats.


Agrello has experienced $2,876,478 of daily volume and a 63.43% increase over the last week. DLT, which is currently ranked 367 in terms of market capitalization. There is no news on their Twitter or blog that would explain the sharp increase over the last week, which may make investors hesitant to jump in at this point. Agrello’s value proposition comes from its ability to create and manage smart-contract-based legal agreements. You essentially end up with your own AI counselor. This company is for everyone from shared economy participants to multinational corporation who want to avoid unnecessary paperwork.

Machine Xchange

Machine Xchange Coin is an altcoin (currently ranked 1745 in terms of market capitalization) that ICO’ed in early December 2018. MXC went through a significant spike on the 5th of January that has resulted in a price increase of 183.14% (as well as $10,363,129 of daily volume). The company was recently announced to be adopted by Korean exchange Huobi, which would be part of the sharp increase in price. As an Internet of Things company functioning in the blockchain space, Machine Xchange has a lot of competition, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to change how smart cities would be managed and affect the management of smart data in the future.


We discussed ODEM a few weeks ago when they experienced a massive jump in price, and now they’ve done it again! The aforementioned increase was followed by a drop back to earlier levels, but now ODE token has experienced a 7-day increase of 47.87%. ODEM is currently ranked 67th in terms of market capitalization. They announced their platform launch on the 7th, which is the likely cause for this increase. As an educational startup that is showing a lot of potential, they are definitely a company to watch.


LEOcoin experienced a 45.12% increase in price over the last week, and 24-hour volume of $1,340,361. Ranked 247 in terms of market capitalization, LEO was trading flat until the last 24 hours, when it started to slope upwards. There is no recent news on LEOcoin that would explain this jump, but the “digital cash” coin boasts that it is a better version of Bitcoin due to its increased privacy and ease of use.


Finally, Cube (ranked 153) experienced a 44.42% gain and $709,221 of daily volume. Once again, there were no announcements made, and the price change is gradual enough to not be reflecting any new news. AUTO is designed around creating a secure Internet-of-Things solution for automobiles, and is currently a frontrunner in the space. What is interesting about a company like CUBE is how it would be competing with non-blockchain companies in the same space, which is something any prospective investor would do well to investigate.

Disclaimer: The author owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.