“The Essence of Games is Socialization” – Jack Li CEO, Ares Tech

After we highlighted them in an article just last month, the team from blockchain gaming platform Ares Tech got in touch.

We speak to CEO and co-founder Jack Li to discuss the Ares Tech project, as well as Li’s background, the team, and more.

The Company

Ares Tech is a fairly young company, having been founded in February 2018, however in conversation with Li he stated that they have grown fast, having grown from “a four-person team” into an

“international team… made up of 11 world-class staff and 15 specialized consultants from all over Europe and the world. Many of our team members are highly experienced in internet and gaming sectors.”

The company seeks to provide a crypto based economy to benefit the players as well as the creators of mobile social games. Its purpose is to deliver a blockchain based scalable solution for social game creators / developers. As well as a platform for social gamers.

Ares Tech focuses on the mobile platform due to the ubiquity of such games and their audiences as well as smart devices in their own right. It is quartered into four products, each interconnected by the proprietary cryptocurrency

In the words of Jack Li, they are (and operate) as follows:

  • “Ares Wallet: A UI-optimized mobile and web wallet for investors and gamers alike – supporting multiple contracts in one wallet, include BTC, ETH, ERC20, ERC233 and ERC721 tokens. EOS, Ripple and more are on the way.
  • “Ares suite / SDK: provides creators/developers with an all-in-one development solution for efficient and friendly cross-chain collaboration.
  • “Ares arena: a casual gaming platform which can easily engage gamers in social competition on blockchain.“
  • “Ares connect: will bring monetization opportunities with partners which can turn indie games into profitable intellectual property.”

“Pushing the tech envelope is a familiar space to me” Li’s Background

Jack Li’s LinkedIn page shows that he has brought experience and knowledge to the role from over 10 years’ experience in sectors which include sports, gaming and e-commerce.

He moved to Berlin four years ago and has since worked as the marketing director for China at a large football app called Onefootball, in addition to one of the most popular service platforms for Amazon businesses: Sellics.

His specialties, in his own words, count

“product design and management, marketing strategy, growth hacking, social media, sales and branding cooperation…

“So, pushing the tech envelope is a familiar space to me.”

When asked as to whether he was a fan of video-games himself: Li responded that he doesn’t play the “hardcore MMORPGs or eSports” that have become increasingly prevalent himself.

Rather, his relationship with gaming has roots before the era of popularity for online gaming and instead cherishes multiplayer experiences that demand both players to be in the same room.

“My most fascinating game experience is play King of Fighter 97 and FIFA with my friend from childhood to college.

“So basically, I prefer play games with interesting friends than play games with strangers.

“That’s the part I’m most emphatic with the Ares project. It’s a simple platform that helps you have fun with your close friends, like the good ole’ days.”

“The essence of games is socialization” – Li on Gaming

“Because they are our target audience, we plan a major outreach to the gaming community. We will be using all social channels – Reddit, Telegram, Discord and others – to engage with gamers on their home turf. We will also be reaching out to the gaming press for coverage of our launch and reviews of our games on the Ares arena.”

eSports is a fast growing industry.

Year-on-year growth of eSports revenue has risen exponentially over the past six years according to a study from Statista entitled ‘eSports market revenue worldwide from 2012 to 2021 (in million U.S. dollars)’.

Over two years (2012 and 2014) the revenue only grew from 130 to 194 million dollars (a difference of 54 million). In 2016 however: revenue sat at 493 million dollars by the end of the year and increased by 162 the next (totalling at 655 million).

This trend is projected to continue through the next four years’ reports. Meanwhile, PCs are set to become “the smallest gaming platform in 2018”.

Although Ares Tech is focused on Mobile platforms to start with, Jack Li discusses online multiplayer in a much broader spectrum – using the term ‘social gaming’:

“As one of the most ancient and important communication tools, after traditional internet taking over the gaming industry, we witness games playing a tricky role in human communication: more isolation than connection, young people get addicted to screens and screens only, rather than face-to-face interaction.

“We hope to change that, and to break the boundary between real-life reality and virtual reality.”

In that light (and bear in mind his reverence for same-room multiplayer experiences) Li states that the team is

“Developing and encourag[ing] social games to enrich offline communication, and designing games based on different social scenarios.

“Strangers can use our games to quickly break the ice. And, family and friends bonding over fun.”

Blockchain and ARES Token

To achieve their vision, the project team has a number of main stated aims regarding its audience of game players and creators.

Developers are given immutable protection of their IP through smart contracts and blockchain-based transactions. For gamers, assets and characters are cross-compatible across the platform.

Furthermore: rewards for both gamers and developers are delivered through use of the Ares Tech ecosystem, planned for beta launch on the 14th December 2018.

This ecosystem is to be based on the team’s eponymous ARES token, which is

“Tied to the core utilities in the Ares Ecosystem…

“Gamers will use the token to buy game assets from developers. The gamers can both purchase tokens as well as earn them in competition on the Ares arena.”


“Ares Tech built an exceptionally strong team of advisors, ranging from computer science and new media professors from German universities, Berlin’s blockchain star projects, social media experts, to high level management from European large and medium sized companies.”

Beyond Jack Li, the people behind Ares Tech includes: Carsten Shipke, Christian Gehl, and Ciarán Dold.

Christian Gehl is the company CTO who, in the words of Li, “worked for multiple European companies, and co-founded an internet security company based on AI technology, Trifense GmbH.”.

Carsten Shipke possesses over 12 years of experience and specialises in the implementation and design of scalable, distributed systems and frameworks.

Collectively the teams’ experience:

“has covered Fraunhofer, Zynga, Playfish, Bigpoint, Tencent, Shanda Games, Onefootball, Zalando, N26, Deutsche Bahn, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Daimler, KPMG, etc.”

Final Words

When considering Ares Tech and its future, Jack Li closes by telling us they are

“Launching a crypto wallet, the Ares Wallet, that will store the gamers’ game assets as well as cryptocurrency, including BTC, ETH and our own ARES, to purchase assets in the games. Gamers and investors alike can use the wallet to buy, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies.

“Beyond the wallet, we will announce other products, including ares arena and Ares SDK for game developers.”

As well as

“a sample game that devs can base theirs on while building from our SDK. This enables devs at every level.

“For gamers – we’re deeply engaging with the community and encouraging them to participate in the design of Ares’ future.”

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.