Taylor Swift Hacked on Twitter and Instagram, Naked Photographs Ransomed For Bitcoin

Last night, Taylor Swift was the victim of a hack on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She has since regained control, but for a while hackers had free reign over her profiles.

Taylor Swift deleted the tweets they sent, but Twitter users Veriuser and Lizzard both seem to be complicit in the act. During the attack, Veriuser sent out messages encouraging fans and followers to follow both of their accounts.

Taylor Swift Hacked

According to reports by Motherboard, Lizzard posted a tweet on their personal account offering naked photographs of Taylor Swift in exchange for three bitcoins, totaling approximately $750 at the time. Lizzard’s account has since been suspended, but Motherboard was able to capture a screengrab of the tweet prior to the takedown.

Taylor Swift Hacked 2

Taylor Swift was alerted quickly by Hayley Williams, lead singer of the popular band Paramore. Taylor Swift gave credit to Williams after she regained control of her account, saying Williams was the first to text her the morning after the attack.

Taylor Swift Hack Sends Chilling Reminders of Celebgate

The threat to release supposed nude photos of the pop star follows a trend started in August 2014 of “Celebgate.” Only a few months ago, hackers on 4chan obtained naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence as well as a plethora of other female celebrities and released them for free while taking bitcoin donations.

The hackers released photographs in a series of dumps, some even containing child pornography of gymnast McKayla Maroney. The hackers are still unidentified to this day.

Celebgate caused uproar in various activist groups, leading to claims that anyone even viewing the photographs of the naked celebrities is committing the crime of rape. The debate is still ongoing, reforming the way people think about unauthorized viewing of stolen sexual photographs.

Upon gaining control of her account again, Taylor Swift refuted any claim that either Lizzard or Veriuser had naked photographs of her in the first place, telling them to “have fun photoshopping.”

Lizzard may be Member of Hacker Group Lizard Squad

Even though Lizzard’s profile is now down, The Independent was able to view Lizzard’s biography on their Twitter. In the user’s biography, Lizzard claimed to be the “leader of Lizard Squad” along with other hacking groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous.

While it’s a highly unlikely claim, Lizzard may very well be associated with one of the infamous hacker groups. The group is commonly known for their antics, most recently being shutting down Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on Christmas Day.

One Lizard Squad member may not be laughing at their antics for much longer. According to Hacked reporter P.H. Madore, police arrested a suspected Lizard Squad member in Southport, UK. The 18-year-old is suspected for the Christmas Day attack, as well as at least one act of “swatting.”

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Veriuser, the Twitter user that overtook Taylor Swift’s account in the first place, had their account suspended as well following the attack. There has yet to be any official statement from either Twitter or Instagram, but Taylor Swift seems to be shaking off the attack with grace.

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