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Comparing the Cryptocurrency Bull Market and the Dot-Com Bubble: A Tale of Two Revolutions

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Comparing the Cryptocurrency Bull Market and the Dot-Com Bubble: A Tale of Two Revolutions


This article was posted on Wednesday, 18:29, UTC.

The infamous .com IPOs and the recent cryptocurrency ICOs, Google and Ethereum, Microsoft and Bitcoin, 1999 and 2017 and so on and so on… We can draw several parallels with the euphoric years of the late 90’s in the dot-com segment and today’s blossoming cryptocurrency-blockchain industry. But before we get overly excited about the parallels, we also have to add that although history often rhymes it never repeats itself.

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The Number of Technology IPOs before and after the Bubble

There are also huge differences in the structure of the two booms, starting with the more fundamental importance of the Internet as an infrastructure and the money properties of the coins besides their business value. That said, basing one’s investment strategy on past patterns, be it price or behavioral ones, is far from being foolish. Heck, most super-investors and top traders do that for a living; and a good one for that matter.

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The ICO boom of 2017

The recent evolution of the number of ICOs (Source:www.techcruch.com)

So are we there yet? Should crypto-investors be worried? Are we at the end of a hype cycle? Let’s look at what we can learn from one of the most devastating bubbles of our lifetime.

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