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October 15, 2015

Hackers Figure Out How to Remotely Talk to Siri

An exploit like this was bound to happen. Voice recognition technology may have been an idea since Star Trek or before, but it’s only really come to the consumer front in the past few years with the rise of Android and iOS, both of which have voice-activated virtual assistants. Now hackers have, brilliantly, figured out how to remotely talk to these devices using radio signals.

On the surface, an attack like this seems potentially innocuous. So what if someone can make your virtual assistant look up information remotely? But consider the other things the virtual assistants are in charge of, such as opening web browsers. Bringing that into account, it’s easy to see [...]

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August 5, 2015

Apple is Creating Smart Voicemail With Siri

What good is a digital assistant that doesn’t actually assist you? It seems some at Apple have been wondering that, and according to Business Insider, the company is testing a voicemail application that will use Siri to answer calls and take messages. Something like Google Voice by description, the service will transcribe messages and do a host of other Siri things.

Smart voicemail seems the logical next step from digital assistants. Several firms are also working to develop artificial intelligence, an application of which could be something along the lines of an all-knowing private assistant.

See also: Video: Google Maps Gets [...]

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July 26, 2015

Video: Google Maps Gets Annoyed

Kids on long trips love to ask the question, “are we there yet?”

It seems that the Google Maps developers had a touch of humor when building in the voice commands feature. In the below video, you see that if you ask “are we there yet?” once, Maps tells you how long it will be until you arrive at your destination. Ask it again, it will say, “no.” Ask it a couple more times, and it says, “If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream.”

This is not the first instance of “easter eggs” in current mobile technology. Apple’s Siri has several, including one where she will explain that you cannot divide zero by zero rather offensively, saying:

Imagine that [...]

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