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January 26, 2016

Report: Cybercriminals Are Cooking up Malware in Record Numbers

2015 was a record year for the number of malware samples, a total that stands at 84 million new samples from 2014. That’s already 9 million more new malware strains than 2014.

Researchers from Panda Security have released figures to claim a total of 84 million new malware samples that were detected and disabled in 2015.

A press release by the Spanish security company revealed the startling number to be nine million new samples more than the previous year – 2014. Essentially, that’s 230,000 new malware samples produced every single day on average throughout 2015.

2015 also saw another record notched up wherein 27 percent of all malware samples – ever recorded – [...]

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September 26, 2015

CryptoLocker Ransomware Springs on Scandinavians


Scandinavian PC users have been struck by the latest variant of the CryptoLocker ransomware malware through fake emails that are impersonating postal services.

Malicious operators are now delivering emails with links to malware-delivering websites that download ransomware to unsuspecting PC users in Scandinavia, reports Heimdal Security.

Here’s how the scam works, as explained by Andra Zaharia of Heimdal Security:

Unsuspecting users have a legitimate-looking email delivered from the post-office, claiming that the user’s address wasn’t located by the postman. The email contains a link that redirects to a website where the [...]
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April 14, 2015

Tewksbury, Massachusetts Police Latest to Get Cryptolocked

One would think that the police would understand security. After all, security is what they do. But time after time, hackers have been able to not only invade police networks, but then install Cryptolocker or a similar software, and hold the files hostage until the police pay in bitcoins.

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