Stock Pick: Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation (ORCL) is a company that specializes in developing database software and technology as well as cloud engineering systems and enterprise software products. In terms of revenue in the software-making industry, Oracle comes second to Microsoft with sales figures reaching up to $39.83 billion in 2017. Also in 2017, the company had over 138,000 employees serving 430,000 customers in 175 countries.

Technical Analysis of Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

ORCL started its bull run in June 2009 when it took out resistance of 20.00. This triggered the inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern on the daily chart. Since then, the stock has been generating a series of higher highs and higher lows in a predictable manner.

A quick look at the charts of ORCL reveal a strong and sustainable uptrend. The stock climbs until the monthly RSI flashes overbought readings. It then retraces until it drops near or at RSI support of 30 – 40 on the weekly chart. The process has been repeated numerous time in the past nine years. There’s no indication that the uptrend will be over soon.

Technical analysis show that ORCL has taken out resistance of 46.00. This triggered a small cup and handle reversal structure on the weekly chart. However, a closer look at the monthly chart reveals that 46.00 resistance stood for 18 years. This explains why the stock struggled for a year to stay above it. Fortunately, ORCL has recovered the territory as it recently managed to spark a rally to 48.

Furthermore, technical indicators are showing bullish signals. The weekly MACD recently flashed a bullish cross. Plus, the weekly RSI bounced from support of 40. Also, the 4-day, 8-day, and 21-day moving averages are trending up.

Weekly ORCL Chart

Monthly ORCL Chart

As of this writing, the Oracle Corporation stock (ORCL) is trading at 48.46.

Fundamental Analysis of Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

On top of the technical analysis, fundamentals offer some support to our bullish outlook. ORCL’s trailing twelve months (TTM) price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) is 56.35. The stock appears overvalued. However, it has a five-year maximum of 64.60. This tells us that investors are willing to pay a premium for ORCL shares.

In addition, CNBC reports that Oracle’s quarterly results beat expert estimates. Analysts predicted that the company would generate revenues of $11.19 billion and a profit of 94 cents per share. However, Oracle posted revenues of $11.25 billion and an earnings per share of 99 cents.

The strategy is to buy on dips as close to 46.00 as possible. If bulls can stay above this level, it’s all blue skies for ORCL. There’s no known resistance above 46.00.

Initial target is 56. However, the stock could go as high as 82 in the long-term.

The timeline for the initial target is three months. The target of 82 may take more than a year.

Summary of Strategy

Buy: As close to 46 as possible.

Target: 56 first and then 82.

Stop: Close below 44.

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