STEEM Price Surges 31% Ahead of Steemit Velocity Hardfork

The value of Steem (STEEM) surged over 31% on the afternoon of Monday, September 24th, as the team prepare to implement ‘Hardfork 20’ – codenamed Velocity – tomorrow on the 25th. The hardfork will make multiple changes to the blockchain that underpins the Steemit social media platform, and full details can be read on the official Steemit blog.

STEEM Price Jumps 31%

Whether the flurry of activity in STEEM markets can be interpreted as a sign of faith in the upcoming updates is up for debate. The STEEM price has been climbing steadily since September 12th since falling to the $0.65 range. Today’s peak of $1.12 puts STEEM on over 70% growth in the last twelve days, outpacing the majority of altcoins with the exception of recent headline-grabbers like XRP and Stellar.

On Monday afternoon the coin price surged 31%, climbing from a price of $0.852111. The majority of those gains came in less than an hour, between 16:00 and 16:30 UTC. The highest single concentration of trades comes in the form of STEEM/USDT on Huobi, while the rest of the market is shared predominantly between STEEM/BTC and STEEM/KRW.

KRW (Korean won) trades make up 33% of the day’s total, continuing the trend from the last few days where the majority of the market pump could be attributed to eastern markets, and KRW in particular.

Steemit Velocity Hardfork

The Steemit social media platform utilizes three currencies in its operation, including a perpetually dollar-pegged coin in the form of SBD, and an internal ‘weighting’ currency called Steem Power that denotes influence and cannot be quickly liquidated.

More details can be read on Steemit’s currencies here, but the point is that Steemit’s internal economy is a finely-tuned machine with lots of moving parts. The upcoming Velocity hardfork will further adjust those moving parts, addressing the community’s pooled funds, new user account creation, the percentage of a post’s payout to authors and curators, and much more. According to the Steemit blog:

“The changes in the Velocity Hardfork are dependent on the approval of a super-majority (17/21) of the witnesses voting in favor of the Hardfork.”

The team also released this short primer for new users and witnesses to the Steemit blockchain ahead of the hardfork on Tuesday, noting the decision-making process:

“Witnesses should review the changes in the hardfork release. If they agree with the changes, they should run the new version of Steem at their earliest convenience. By running the new version of Steem, they are casting their vote for the changes. By choosing not to run the new version of Steem they are casting their vote not to hardfork.”

Stay tuned for more developments tomorrow when the hardfork is implemented at 15:00 UTC.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.