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Spectre Script Leaked – Hacking James Bond, Sony

Spectre Script Leaked – Hacking James Bond, Sony

by Alex GoraleDecember 18, 2014

Eon Productions, producers of the James Bond films, admitted the spectre script leaked to third party sources. An early version of the script is amongst the material hackers stole and made public after infiltrating Sony Picture’s Entertainment computer systems last month.

A huge number of confidential documents, including personal emails, were released to file-sharing networks. The hackers are rumored to have originated in North Korea. Originally, reports claiming that North Korea hired the hackers to infiltrate Sony over the movie The Interview. In the Hollywood flick, Seth Rogan and James Franco operate a tabloid. They are trained by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un after arranging an Interview with the puppet dictator.

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North Korea has denied involvement in the attack and a statement by the FBI echoed there was no evidence linking the attacks to North Korea.

Spoilers Before & After the Spectre Script Leaked

007Hackers posted five Sony movies to file-sharing networks. Four movies were previously unreleased.

Email conversations revealed that Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield may not be returning in the next Web Slinger flick. Undoubtedly, the personal and private content from before the Spectre script leaked has generated the most publicity. Topics include, among many others, incest, transgender, and unwanted sexual advances.

Sony has already warned the media not to publish the hacked emails. Perhaps Sony has not heard of Barbara Streisand?

Veteran recipients of leaked email, The Guardian began coverage before the Spectre script leaked. Focusing mostly on the interaction of Sony executives within their private email conversations.

Eon Productions has noted that after the Spectre script leaked the next Bond film may be re-written. In their notice, Statement on Spectre, Eon made clear they would pursue valid Copyright claims in the UK and where enforceable. This news comes shortly after internal MPAA documents from the same hack reveal the industry plans to reduce education and increase enforcement for the upcoming year where copyright is concerned.

Images from Columbia Pictures, Danjaq, Eon Productions.

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