Shadow Brokers Hacking Group Claim to Have NSA Hacking Tools for Sale


A hacking group by the name of Shadow Brokers is claiming that it has National Security Agency hacking tools for sale.

In an Internet posting, the group said that they have a ‘full sponsor state tool set’ of cyberweapons, which the group claim belongs to the Equation Group, which is believed to be an NSA affiliate, according to a news report from RT. In a bid to back up their statement they posted what appears to be sample attack code.

Shadow Brokers are offering to sell the complete set of tools to the highest bidder. They are seeking to raise 1,000,000 bitcoins, worth around $568 million USD.

While there are bound to be some who may doubt the group has access to the tools others say that this should be taken seriously.

Speaking to the Foreign Policy, CEO of the security firm Immunity Dave Aitel and a former NSA research scientist said:

It’s at minimum very interesting; at maximum, hugely damaging. It’ll blow some operations if those haven’t already been blown.

In a series of tweets, Dmitri Alperovitch, CTO of security firm CrowdStrike, said that the latest leak will further jeopardize the US elections.

No doubt that further leaks will continue and contribute to the chaos of this already way too weird election. I think there is plenty of reasons to be concerned that the election itself would be manipulated. The claim from a credible hacking source of such manipulation could be enough to cast shadow on the legitimacy of elected president.

The files, which were released over the weekend appear to be from files dating back to 2013 around the time of Edward Snowden’s revelations. These are reported to affect routers built by three U.S. firms, Cisco Systems Inc., Juniper Networks Inc. and Fortinet Inc., two Chinese companies, Shaanxi Networkcloud Information Technology Co. and Beijing Topsec National Security Technology Co.

This latest cybersecurity threat to U.S. national secrets comes amid the recent revelation of emails and documents belonging to the Democratic Party.

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