Samsung Enters New Market With Pre-Ordering of Gear VR

The new Samsung Gear VR looks futuristic. It is not the first of its kind, but it is the first consumer-focused VR headset, which requires the user to insert a preferably Samsung brand smartphone to do virtual reality. The headset is powered by Oculus, the VR company dominating the space. The headset only costs $100, so it appears to be affordable to everyday people who want to experience virtual reality.VR Flying

Virtual reality porn has already come to the fore, and pornography, for its part, seems to lead the way in most new technologies. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other applications of the technology. Games are a big one and later it seems that social networking could find its way into the VR space. An entirely new paradigm could come to exist as people increasingly have less reasons to leave their homes. Models of all the great tourist destinations will now be imported into tiny screens which appear to be the entire world. A future of this kind is either scary or exciting, depending on your disposition. Max Cohen Oculus’ head of mobile, said:

This is an incredible moment for virtual reality as we introduce the absolute best VR experience on mobile today. People all over the world can now turn their mobile phone into an immersive VR experience with made-for-VR games and thousands of amazing 2D, 3D and 360 degree videos and films.

The advent of virtual reality can also present new realms of possibility for such things as therapy and medicine. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence have lived in the imaginations of scientists
for many decades. The first people to imagine such creations have long since passed, but all the same, the future presents exciting new possibilities for innovation. New industries of software development will be born, increasing the demand for talented software engineers and designers. Technology will eventually become a hands-free ordeal, most of being now operated by the mind.

These technologies all have to merge together on the next wave in order for the future to look quite as described. Breakthroughs will be required in each study, including the study of controlling things with the mind. But the consumer adoption of virtual reality technologies will hasten the research and development of better virtual reality and related technologies.

The new Samsung Gear VR can be pre-ordered through and other retailers.

Images from Samsung and Shutterstock.



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