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Russian Hackers Used Flash Vulnerability Against Foreign Governments

Russian Hackers Used Flash Vulnerability Against Foreign Governments

by Neil SardesaiApril 21, 2015

Security firm FireEye recently published a blog post detailing the use of two zero-day vulnerabilities against foreign government targets. According to FireEye, the attackers are most likely a state-sponsored group from Russia. The security firm first detected a pattern of attacks on April 13th, 2015, shortly after news broke that Russian hackers had breached White House security. These new attacks took advantage of previously unknown vulnerabilities in Windows and (unsurprisingly) Adobe Flash Player.

Operation RussianDoll

Russian Hackers Used Flash Vulnerability Against Foreign Governments“Operation RussianDoll,” as it has been dubbed by FireEye, is a highly sophisticated and targeted attack. As long as the target is running Windows and has Adobe Flash Player installed, he or she simply needs to click on a malicious link. The link takes the victim to the attacker’s website where the Flash exploit is served. From there, the website can download and run malicious code on the victim’s computer.

FireEye has declined to offer specific details about the victim organizations, simply referring to the target as a “specific foreign government,” which may be the United States. The attacks are similar to those previously seen by FireEye’s recently-exposed APT 28, further suggesting U.S. targets.

Fortunately, Adobe released a patch for the Flash vulnerability last Tuesday, and Microsoft is working on a fix. However, this incident may serve as yet another reminder of Flash’s numerous security issues and why more and more websites are ditching Flash for HTML5.

“To protect yourself you need to be agile, adaptive and resilient. You can’t just sit back and protect yourself from the attack that happened last week. You need to be prepared for the attack that’s coming next week, which may use new techniques, exploits, technologies, approaches, etc.”

“Adaptive organizations will deal with this threat as a normal course of business, quickly identify any potential breaches, and respond in minutes (not days, or months), returning their organization back to a normal operating cadence. Sound like your organization? If it’s not you have some work to do.”


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  • Guest

    That’s nice… what about the hack you mentioned?

  • Jim Brown

    This is nothing but propaganda.
    Do You really think all our top secret
    gov. computers have Flash installed on them?
    Come on, gimmy a break.
    Ask any IT guy who works for a large corporation,
    he’ll look at you like your crazy for even asking.

    The propaganda line here is that
    As if the whole concept of one country trying to
    spy on another one is a brand-new development.

    It’s also an excuse that will be used to justify
    gov. control and censorship of the internet.

    You will see many more stories like this,
    with various subjects and scenarios so that
    there will be plenty of good reasons to go to war,
    and plenty of good reasons why it’s necessary
    for You to give-up more of your rights.

    The real story here is that Putin won’t “play-ball”
    with the big banksters.
    He’s actually trying to stop World War-III.

    He’s actually a straight-up good guy.
    The scum-bags who control the sock-puppet politicians

    in our gov. are the real enemy.

    • SententiaeDeo

      Let us true hackers (not crackers) unite against Russophobia!

    • englishvinal

      I keep up with what is going on with Russia, China, BRICs … banking and the chasm that is rapidly widening between the decaying west.. and the vital growing east…
      The world is splitting in half, almost literally…
      ….. the old scheme of “one world order” under the iron fist of the Vatican, City of London, IMF, World Bank, NON-federal reserve, the Zionists enforced by the US military might… is what the “Five Eyes” nations and their adherents are about…. IS beginning to stink like a dead whale washed up on a lonely beach.

      It is just a matter of time, but the never ending LIES that come drizzling out of the press-ti-tute zombie western media just go on and on.

  • englishvinal

    Unadulterated US govt. sponsored Bull-c**p~! Of COURSE its “China”… or of COURSE its Russia…
    is “it” every anybody else…
    Oh, I forgot it might be South Korea……………….