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Report: Yahoo! Will Confirm “Massive” Data Breach

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Report: Yahoo! Will Confirm “Massive” Data Breach


Yahoo! is expected to confirm its unwelcome distinction of being the victim of the largest data breach on record. A report has the tech giant is expected to disclose details of a hack that has affected some 200 million Yahoo users.

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Yahoo! Inc., is preparing to confirm a “massive data breach” of its core service, one that could affect and expose ‘several’ hundred million user accounts.

Tech news site Recode broke the news, citing sources who noted the breach to be “widespread and serious”, with the likelihood of legal action and investigations led by the government.

The revelation would come at a time when Yahoo is the midst of a mega-acquisition by Verizon in a $4.8 billion deal and it remains to be seen if the deal could see repercussions due to the breach.

Earlier in August, Motherboard reported that a cybercriminal hacker who goes by the moniker “Peace” was advertising the sale of 200 million Yahoo accounts. The same hacker has previously sold large data dumps of breaches related to Myspace and LinkedIn on a dark web marketplace called the Real Deal.

While the lagging technology giant admitted that it was investigating the data breach, a Recode source confirmed that the number of users affected could be more than the 200 million advertised by Peace.

“It’s as bad as that,” said the Recode source. “Worse, really.”

The data trove reportedly contains Yahoo users’ usernames, scrambled passwords, birthdates and other information, likely dated from 2012.

Peace was hawking the alleged data of 200 million users for a relatively mere 3 bitcoins, around $1900 in value at the time.

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Samburaj Das

Samburaj Das

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    Posted on 1:00 pm September 22, 2016.

    Anyone with a link or some kind of torrent to these DB leaks, please post it.

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