Rating Retraction/SCAM Warning: iDice

Dear Reader,

We recently covered iDice, an apparent Ethereum 2.0 gambling platform. This author gave it a rating of 6.0, based on the history of gambling sites following a similar model. However, a reader informed us that there is much more evidence than simply anonymity that makes iDice a scam, and even provided a few pieces of proof.

  1. They formerly had a team page. Their anonymity is actually what red-flagged this author, but apparently there’s more to it than that. There was a discussion regarding this that did not present itself to the author in search results at time of research.
  2. We can verify that they have been paying for marketing via sponsored articles in various cryptocurrency publications. A discussion about that appeared in yet another forum.
  3. The CEO is currently in hiding from LinkedIn.
  4. A fourth point offered, not as valid, is that the technology of iDice is essentially a clone of Etheroll.
  5. The most damning point is that their ICO does not actually end. As you can see, the clock on the ICO just restarts every 30 hours or so. Had it been a legitimate clock, it would be ending right about now, at least by this author’s first introduction to it.

A point in the author’s defense: this was an ICO request. The author noted the anonymity and constantly notes that it is a bad idea to invest in things where there can be more incentive to exit scam than to perform.

This mistake was avoidable. Our rating and review process is still in development — the rise of ICOs in the past months is unprecedented.

Thank you for understanding.

P. H. Madore

Hacked.com ICO Ratings Desk


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