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Price Analysis of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash

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Price Analysis of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash


This article was posted on Tuesday, 07:31, UTC.

Bitcoin Notwithstanding that brief drop last night on kraken (What the hell was that?  Did someone fat-finger an order????) it seems that the 4 hour chart is going to close above the 1st arc. If so, this will be both a buy signal on the the Gann chart, and also give us another “higher high”, suggesting that the trend has turned up. Ethereum Ethereum is challenging a medium-term fib spiral for the 2nd time in the past day.  While we have not yet been given a buy signal from this tool (as this is being typed), it would seem that…

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Jim Fredrickson

Jim Fredrickson

Jim has an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has had a long career in both Corporate Finance and IT. Along the way he discovered that trading was a vehicle with great promise, but struggled for a long time without a mentor. After having been knocked down many times and having struggled to get back up, he had an epiphany and realized that geometry was a solution. He shares his experience here. If you do well as a result of suggestions made here, feel free to say thank you :) BTC: 1FUq3GB1Q8zz2JpuBr7YHzVBKnaWoxgmya Follow him on Twitter (@jimfred1276) or email him at jimfred1276 at gmail.

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