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Popular Torrent Release Group YIFY Is Dead

Popular Torrent Release Group YIFY Is Dead

by Samburaj DasNovember 1, 2015

The torrenting landscape undergoes a seismic change as YIFY, a prominent movie-torrents release group goes offline forever.

Following outages and the eventual demise of the wildly popular fork last week, its movie supplier-YIFY and its website YTS have also shut down permanently, according to trusted sources close to TorrentFreak.

YIFY was already down to its knees when a DDoS attack from a still unknown source struck the official YTS website 10 days ago. The downtime lasted longer than the usual turnaround time for the website to function again, leading to fears among the torrenting community.

Subsequently, the MPAA-led takedown of popular streaming fork fanned those fears further, while YTS remained offline. TorrentFreak reports that the reasons given by the sources reveal insight behind the final death-knell of YIFY, although the information hasn’t been revealed yet.

YIFY, a Big Scalp for the Hounds

YIFY has had a presence across several torrent hosting websites in the past along with torrent releases made public on its own domain – YTS.

At the height of its powers, YTS received a million unique visitors every day, garnering six million page-views. YIFY releases were notable for the shrunken size-to-quality ratio of their movie rips and regularly released multiple resolutions of movies.

More mainstream exposure followed when they turned out to be the movie library for multiple PopcornTime forks before the latter was eventually forced to go offline before being rechristened as Butter, a platform that will stay clear of copyrighted media, according to its developers.

It remains to be seen if the recent takedown of is connected to YIFY’s eventual demise, but all indicators point to the two incidents being far too clinical and coordinated to be anything but a coincidence.

The advent of subscription-based services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant and others in the recent past may have also weighed heavily on the increased drive to curb the internet of torrent release groups by the lawman.

Despite the substantial takedown of a giant, recent history has shown that there’s bound to be another release group or source that will take YIFY’s place. aXXo was only an individual (a widely accepted claim), and while not forgotten, he or she was arguably replaced by YIFY as a prominent torrent releaser. It’s only a matter of time before someone else steps into the limelight.

Peer-to-peer technology and file-sharing aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon. If ever. Even Usenet binaries are still active, after decades of turning up.

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