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Popcorn Time and Resource YTS Suffer Total Outages

Popcorn Time and Resource YTS Suffer Total Outages

by Samburaj DasOctober 21, 2015

Popular movie- and tv-streaming website Popcorn Time and its social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are nowhere to be found. So too is, the resource from which Popcorn Time streams its content for millions of users around the world. Speculation is rife that the MPAA may be behind the comprehensive takedown.

Popcorn Time, a platform on which millions of users around the world watch movies and television shows has had its fair share of takedowns in the past. At the time of writing this, the project’s official domain – is currently offline.


TorrentFreak notes that David Lemarier, aka ‘phnz,’ an early developer who worked on the platform and the owner of the domain ‘’ who quit the website earlier this week may have something to do with the present outage.

Although the domain can be reached with its IP address directly, most of the website and the download servers offering the Popcorn Time software are offline.

A Wipeout

Usually, the news of a takedown or any website-related maintenance that leads to the service going offline is routinely communicated to users through Popcorn Time’s social media channels. This particular outage, however, has affected the Popcorn Time Facebook and Twitter accounts. Quite simply, this is a wipeout of the Popcorn Time domain and its wider presence on the internet.


Furthermore, TorrentFreak also points to the APIs used by the Popcorn Time ecosystem and applications are also not functioning presently, along with the nameservers, the forums and the website itself. The problems facing Popcorn Time, run a lot deeper.

No Resource Provider = More Problems

YTS, the movie library resource that is used by Popcorn Time, is a fundamental cog in the entire streaming operation. YTS (also known among torrenting users as YIFY) is a popular movie hosting website and allows free downloads of thousands of movies to its users via torrents. Popcorn Time also uses YTS as the video resource and when YTS is not functioning, Popcorn Time isn’t either.

As things stand, YTS is also offline, and there is no announcement nor insight into the offline status of the website on its Facebook page.

Yesterday, an extension of the Popcorn Time platform built for the web shut down for good, merely after two days of being online. The domain’s owner, who identified himself as a 15-year-old named Milan Kragujevic told The Verge:

Basically, MPAA sent me a [cease and desist] letter and contacted my hosting provider and domain registrar and ordered them to take down the infringing content.”

Writing on the website itself, he said:

It was a nice ride, but it’s time to move on. I will be distancing myself from further development of BrowserPopcorn.

This was never intended to be a battle for piracy, more of an experiment with the streaming technology.

Despite the timing, there is no evidence, yet that the MPAA-led shut down of the web-based version of Popcorn Time is linked to the outage currently suffered by and its social media accounts, or that of YTS.

Images from Wikipedia and BrowserPopcorn.

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