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Are you prepared for the digital world and get your phone license?
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We have created a Phone License for children and teenagers from the years 6 to 19. The Phone License helps parents ensure that their child is as safe as possible online. There are many things parents must think about regarding the phone use of their child. We have made it a bit easier to prepare children and teenagers for safe smartphone and social media usage. Every child should pass the phone license prior to getting certain privileges like a new phone or social media access.

I advise every parent to take the quiz below as it may help you understand what we at think is very important for your kid to be aware of. We have extensive knowledge and experience with horrible examples of how a young person’s phone use can lead to a devastating reality.

Below is our Phone License Quiz that ends up with a Phone License Certificate if you and your child are able to complete it. This is free of charge as a courtesy by If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please send me an email.

If you are interested in securing your family from hackers and get immediate help from us in the feature, we do offer very reasonable digital protection plans that you can find here.

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