One Thing is Certain, You Will Lose Your Job

Are you an employee? Do you have a full time job? One thing is certain; You will lose your job.

Some professors and researchers claim that the rapid growth of automation will create new jobs for humans, just like the industrial revolution did. I even have a book called “Robots will steal your job, but that’s OK” explaining that we do not have to worry about automation. We will still have enough jobs.

I have a totally different view of what is taking place in our society:

AI and automated robots will make a vast amount of the workforce unemployable.

I believe that the industrial revolution is nothing compared to the automated revolution we are now facing. Automation was introduced in the industrial sector for decades ago, but now we are truly witnessing the power of it. Smart automation, software that can create, that can learn, that can outperform the human brain. Just have a look at AI Intuitive Design, creating mindblowing designs that no human can:

Bill Gates are calling for taxing robots, Elon Musk donated 10 million USD to keep AI “beneficial for the human race”, and governments are discussing citizen’s income (basic income).

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AI and automation will only take certain jobs

Then there are the people that claim AI and automation only will take certain jobs, mostly routine jobs where you don’t need to have a creative or thinking human brain. And that could be true, and I too believe that there will be a need for human brain power. Nonetheless, it’s too easy to think that AI won’t become creative, won’t try to figure out problems on their own. We simply just don’t know what AI will be able to do in 10 or 20 years.

Let’s say that AI can’t be creative or take important strategic decisions, we are still making more than half of the work force redundant unless new jobs are created.

Automation, automation, automation

That’s the main concept people talk about in large businesses. Leaders and innovators (like me) are pushing for automation to cut labor costs. I’ve had multiple experiences where people have been fired in Norway due to automation and downsizing of staff. Not because they don’t make money, but because they can – due to new systems – and by doing so, make more money.

The people I’ve seen been fired, are not only new employees, but also employees that have been working for the same company for more than 20 to 30 years. And when you are 50 or 60 years old, and you get laid off, you won’t be the first person one would hire (face the fact).

And I can guarantee, that if you stick to one company for your entire life, you will most likely lose your job unless you become the CEO. It might not happen within the next five years, but what about the next 25?

What can I do?

I believe we will see a lot more freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs crawling out of the shadows of the corporate world. It is more important than ever to be able to have a side gig or a plan to put in motion when you feel your job is at risk. I would strongly advice that you start planning today and create backup strategies in case your first strategy fails.

Start small on the side. If you are an employee, you got an ideal advantage. You got a salary. Start with discussing ideas with friends and family during your spare time. And when you think you have a good idea, try to put it into action. You can easily add a few hours after work, and spend a few hours or more during weekends and holidays.

Don’t feel bad about trying to create a side gig. You will become more relaxed by knowing that you got something to fall back on if you lose your job. You will be more happy, and you will probably be more energetic in your primary job. You will learn so much by creating your own business, and much of the knowledge could be beneficial for your employer too.

Maybe you won’t lose your job, and you really enjoy working there. No problem; keep grinding for the company you love, nothing is better than that. But never, ever, be without a fall back option.

What are your thoughts?

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