The New York Times Website is Offline

The New York Times is down and cannot be accessed anywhere in the world.

An attempt to reach the homepage of The New York Times throws up the following error.


The NYT’s server is unresponsive globally, and has been down for about 90 minutes at the time of publishing.


Meanwhile, the publication’s official Twitter account has admitted that the website is facing “technical problems” with no hints of revealing what those problems actually are.

However, the official NYT applications on both Apple and Android are still operational, giving readers access to its content that is almost certainly hosted on a different web layer than that of the website.

The popular mainstream publication has been in the spotlight recently for its face-off with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. For context, the New York Times recently published a story that reported on alleged sexual assault victims of Donald Trump, coming forward and speaking up. Donald Trump has dismissed these claims and stated:

I am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country.

The inevitable conspiracy theory came to float.


Image from Wikimedia.

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