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Mystery Circulates Edward Snowden After Cryptic Tweet

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Mystery Circulates Edward Snowden After Cryptic Tweet


This article was posted on Thursday, 23:18, UTC.

Edward Snowden has left a cryptic tweet sparking concern among the masses that his safety is in question.

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The whistleblower recently tweeted a 64-character hex code that was traced to a bitcoin transaction amounting to 0.000911, leading many to question whether or not this was a dead man’s switch, which is an automatic message that is set to release if the user of an account does not check-in consistently.

In Snowden’s case, if he has been captured or killed, it would prompt journalists and friends to release encrypted files.

According to Sputnik News, Edward Snowden’s girlfriend thinks that he has been killed while others believe that the tweet was, in fact, a signal by Snowden, ahead of a major document release.

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The tweet, which was shortly erased, followed a previous message from Edward Snowden and only said, “it’s time,” which came a few days earlier.

Of course, while some have come forward to say that Snowden is okay, mystery still surrounds him considering that his Twitter account has been inactive for an extended period, according to Sputnik News.

One user who tested Edward Snowden’s message as a private key hash on the bitcoin blockchain said that the amount 0.000911 could have been a distress call from the whistleblower; however, others are saying that it may have been an unintentional hash in a bitcoin transaction.

For now, we remain in the dark as to whether or not Edward Snowden’s safety is in question or not.

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