My Davos Experience

Humble apologies for the format of today’s Email. The markets, crypto and stocks, have been rather flat over the last 24 hours so there should be no need for price graphs and this should actually be a good point for reflection. I apologize as well for the delay in getting it to you. I’ve been from plane to plane to train to meeting to train since Sunday night and now writing to you from the Starbucks at ZRH.

Would like to wish a very warm welcome to all the new people who are getting the daily market update for the first time today. Though this trip was very short, it was incredibly productive. In addition to the scheduled meetings, I managed to meet scores of interesting people who I hope to stay in touch with for many years to come.

It was incredible to see the overwhelming presence of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. In the center of the main promenade in Davos were two buildings that happened to be next door to each other.

I managed to get a selfie in front of one of them.

Crypto HQ was filled with new age anarchists and revolutionaries, people involved in all sorts of ICOs and other fascinating projects, many of which with a good chance to change the world for the better.

Next door was the more elegant looking Ethereal Lounge that was put up by Consensys and hosted the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The people there were more involved in the integration of blockchain into already existing frameworks like government and big business, mostly using the Ethereum blockchain.

As most of my time was spent in these two buildings, I didn’t get the chance to “rub elbows” with the rich and famous. It was very interesting to see some of the sneers and smiles from people passing by the crypto events. It felt like some people saw us more as unwanted party crashers then the builders of the next layer of the internet.

In fact, there are two events on the main stage today that emphasize this dichotomy. The “crypto asset bubble” will have anti-blockchain enthusiasts speaking but the second is actually called “the remaking of global finance” and will have speakers like Steven Mnuchin and Christine Lagarde.

From my perspective, I’d much rather ignore the naysayers. They will come around once blockchain technology is more tangible and user-friendly. Certainly, I’d be happy to help educate them but only if and when they’re interested. It does seem though, that we’ve managed to push through all that. Much more people are now aware of this revolution and plenty of bright people are getting involved. Probably the incredible price movement had something to do with that but now that the genie is out of the bottle people are using it to improve their own lives and the lives of others and at the end of the day that’s what Davos is supposed to be about.

Was very proud to represent eToro in a place like this.

Have an amazing day ahead. As always, feel free to reach me with any thoughts questions or comments.

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