Monero Price Analysis: XMR/USD Marching Higher amid Large Reduction in Fees

Kovri Bulletproofs Monero
  • Monero community members are sharing their delight with the instant impact of the recent update.
  • XMR/USD bulls will be looking at another retest of the breached Aug-Oct ascending trend line.

Latest Update from Monero Developers Sees Huge Reduction in Fees

The Monero community are sharing their excited observations of the benefits from the Beryllium Bullet update. Earlier this week, the foundation had another hard fork going live. The release was known as, “Monero 0.13.0 “Beryllium Bullet,”. The goal was for greater efficiency of their protocol, to facilitate stronger privacy, faster and more cost-effective transactions. In addition, more resistant ASIC miner protection, as previously reported via the last Monero article.

The update has instantly demonstrated its enhanced performance and new features. Monero users have been taking to the social space to express their delight, with the changes being very noticeable.

Members of the Monero community via the Reddit social page were sharing their photos, providing examples of how low the fees are for processing transactions are now.

Technical Review – 60-minute Chart

XMR/USD 60-minute chart

XMR/USD can be seen moving within a triangular pattern set up, via the 60-minute chart view. This coming after much stabilization has been seen with the price since the overly aggressive movement on 15th October. That’s when prices spiked higher in line with the rest of the market, before quickly retreating. The price behavior would suggest another breakout is very much imminent as it is currently moving within an extremely narrowing nature. Looking to the upside, resistance can be seen just ahead at $108.50, or the upper part of the pattern. Further ahead, a choppy supply area is seen running from $110-112 region. In terms of support this can be eyed not too far below, $106.50, lower part of the triangle.

Technical Review – Daily Chart

XMR/USD daily chart

Looking via the daily chart, there is room for upside and another retest of the breached ascending trend line. This had originally been supporting the price from 13th August up until early October. XMR/USD bulls could run up the price to $124 territory, before being met with a test of hard sellers. During the big spike on 15th October, the upper wick can be seen having attempted to break back above the mentioned trend line.

If the bulls can maintain their course of upside momentum and break back above the original supporting trend line, a price towards $150 could again be reclaimed.  In terms of support on the daily, this looks firm around $104, a secondary running ascending trend line. Further south, a demand zone is seen sub-$100, running from $86 – $76 region.

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