McAfee’s Docademic Rises From Ashes as Rebranded (MTC) Surges 327%

Formerly known as Docamdemic but now rebranded to, the MTC token which was heavily shilled by John McAfee in 2018 just hit 327% growth for the week.

Judging by McAfee’s tweets on Tuesday, he’s still very much behind the decentralized healthcare project. That’s after the token fell to an all-time low just earlier this month, as 99.04975% of its value departed since the summer of 2018.

Doc.Com (MTC) – Reawakening? Or Just a Death Throe?

As per McAfee’s tweet on Tuesday:

“Patient people rejoice! I promoted Docademic through dark times because I recognize value when I see it. So does Hitchens Harrison & Co who structured a $500 million investment – the second largest in Crypto history – into  – the rebranding of Docademic.”

That $500 million investment sounds juicy, however, the only mention I could find of it comes direct from the website, and according to Google it was posted last night, shortly after McAfee’s tweet (perhaps he let something out the bag before he was supposed to?).

Maybe McAfee wasn’t in the most lucid state of mind, as he seems to have gotten some details wrong. According to the post on’s website, the $500 million investment deal is something that is currently being negotiated:

“ is moving forward every day, saving thousands of lives and bringing free medical and psychological assistance to the world and expanding rapidly.

In order to keep up with this progress, has been meeting with Hichens Harrison & Co., an investment fund and brokerage to bring in over 500 million USD in investment over the next few years.”

Fat City For MTC Token?

All I know for sure is that Docademic dropped off the map throughout most of 2018, and in that time it’s been able to rebrand itself, and release working healthcare apps on both the Google and Android app stores.

I’m hesitant to download the app and try it out myself, but the story goes that you simply load up the app and get instant access to free healthcare, including psychiatric care, from medical practitioners the world over.

Now, we all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but payment can be made using MTC tokens, which you may or may not have grabbed for free during an airdrop. says their apps have ‘helped 230K lives’ so far, although the download stats on either app store don’t add up to anywhere near that number.

As for McAfee, he still believes that is headed for ‘fat city’:

“Re: my prior post about Docademic: I kept pointing out: Medical field, brilliant management, existing product, growing user base. Doesn’t take a genius to see the only missing ingredient is time – the long term hold. Time happened. Approaching fat city now.”

Doc.Com Price – MTC/USD

From the all-time low of $0.004209, MCT tokens jumped 327% in value in just over a week – up to Wednesday’s peak of $0.018015.

MCT can thank Kucoin for 80% of that volume, while over 90% of the day’s $730,000 volume came from MCT/BTC pairs.

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