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Kim Dotcom Talks about Meganet, His Blockchain-Based P2P Internet

Kim Dotcom Talks about Meganet, His Blockchain-Based P2P Internet

by Samburaj DasOctober 30, 2015

Antihero and all-around Hollywood foe Kim Dotcom has revealed his vision for a new, evolved and more secure internet with MegaNet.

Despite subtle hints teasing a new project where he proclaimed “…a new internet that can’t be controlled, censored or destroyed by Governments or Corporations with MegaNet,” Kim Dotcom hadn’t revealed much of his grand plan for the internet.

Never having been one to hold back, Kim Dotcom finally spoke about his plans for a safer and more secure internet at the SydStart business startup conference in Sydney, reports Mashable.

MegaNet, Powered by Blockchain and Smartphones

While not going at length about the grand plan, Dotcom revealed enough for the rest to gather what he’s planning. The foundation to a safer, encrypted internet that’s decentralized, Dotcom notes, is blockchain technology.

[It will be] from the people, for the people.

MegaNet, Dotcom claims will use a faster kind of blockchain to exchange data while not having any IP addresses on the platform that goes some way to ensure privacy. Referring to the current internet infrastructure as a “dumb pipe”, he added that MegaNet will use the internet initially. At least until he and his team have created a new encryption layer that will cover all forms of digital communications, no matter the software or tools used to plug into MegaNet, Dotcom added.

Briefly summarizing his plans for encryption, he said:

We are going to use very long keys, systems that will not be reverse engineered or cracked by any supercomputer.

The big reveal and a vital cog in the plan is an everyday computing device that outnumbers every other computing device around, the smartphone. Kim Dotcom’s MegaNet can be downloaded as an app that will enable the device as a processor to power MegaNet. The app, he claims, will only harness the smartphone’s computing capabilities when it’s idle and connected to a Wi-Fi network, to avoid data charges.

Speaking about the potential for an army of smartphones uniting via peer-to-peer technology for a common cause, he said:

If you have 100 million smartphones that have the MegaNet app installed, we’ll have more online storage capacity, bandwidth and calculating power than the top 10 largest websites in the world combined.

Over the years with these new devices and capacity, especially mobile bandwidth capacity, there will be no limitations.

Kim Dotcom has high expectations for MegaNet and is certainly confident of the bold concept. He claims the beta will be ready in a year and sees a hundred million users downloading the MegaNet app within the first year. Despite such ambitions, he says that it might take up to a decade for mass connectivity via MegaNet on a global scale.

Dotcom plans to conceive a working prototype after an initial seed round in January, followed by a crowdfunding campaign when he is able to demonstrate the technology.

He added:

I hope this will be one of many approaches to try and stop governments from taking control of this beautiful thing that’s the Internet.

Featured image from Flickr.

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  • Clark Human Dottcom

    I’ve been a fan of Kim for a long time now. Since DARPA had a huge role in setting up the internet, it’ll be a long shot to be private. Although, we do have the TOR, but I feel this only encourages terrible behavior so this is truly an important issue.

  • Tuna

    “will be ready in a year and sees a hundred million users downloading the MegaNet app within the first year.”

    He will be taking it up the arse in a US federal prison by then.

  • Singhapura

    If they ever make a movie about kim dot com it’ll have to be IMAX only.