Justin Sun Plans To Buy BitTorrent

Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON, is finalizing an agreement to buy BitTorrent, inc. Most people know BitTorrent as the creator of the popular torrenting client, uTorrent, which at its peak had over 100 million users.

According to Torrentfreak.com, BitTorrent has been in a steady decline to some poor decisions and potentially illegal missteps by their management.

In an interview with BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen, the management was painted by Cohen as incompetent narcissists who had no business plan and no idea what they were doing besides chasing some nebulous idea of celebrity endorsement.

This can be seen in Cohen’s statement, “They were just incompetent fuckups. I mean they’re losers. Basically, Accel took their share in BitTorrent and pretty much just gave it away to these total strangers who they didn’t know. And not only gave away their stock but gave away control of the company.

Human beings are a bunch of starfuckers, right? The United States has become this celebrity-obsessed culture, and everyone’s all about, oh, we’ll gain access. That’ll be great, and we’ll make money off of it, everybody thinks this.”

It is against this backdrop that Sun’s alleged acquisition is taking place. The TRON projects alleged goal is to “decentralize the web.” Owning one of the most recognizable brands aligned with these goals would be a major coup for the ambitious CEO.

This is due to the fact that the most likely use case of uTorrent by TRON would be to simply parlay its user base into usage of the TRON blockchain.

Since a huge part of TRON’s model relies on advanced content search for media files, simply making use of the uTorrent brand but integrating it with Tron’s decentralized search would instantly transform TRON into one of the most actively utilized blockchains on earth.

The information stems from the fact that BitTorrent changed their company name recently to Rainberry according to their chief product officer. “Rainberry Inc is the official name of the company; it was changed right around the start of 2017.” He stressed that it was a purely corporate decision and that none of the existing product brands would change.

Despite this blanket denial, it seems like the acquisition was proceeding swiftly, and was even overcoming some initial hurdles. BitTorrent had already tried to find a better acquisition offer during the first round of negotiations, to the point that Justin Sun took them to court in an attempt to stop them from negotiating with other buyers.

However, it seems that these initial roadblocks have been overcome, as a new company called Rainberry Acquisition, (BitTorrent recently changed their official company name to Rainberry) was formed and registered directly to Justin Sun. How Sun plans to integrate the platform with Tron is an open question, but it is likely to result in some interesting synergies.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.