Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif Suffers $59 Million Hack

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif was reportedly hacked for almost $59,000,000. This is not the first time the exchange has struggled with vulnerabilities or technical flaws in its system.

The most notable example of this history occurred back in February when a system glitch enabled customers to buy cryptocurrency for free. At the time, users of the exchange complained about the sites poor backend performance and a general lack of support throughout the whole ordeal.

Unlike this former glitch, this hack could prove to be a much larger issue for Zaif and could potentially lead to its shutdown. This is mainly due to the fact that Japanese regulators have significantly heightened their overall scrutiny of domestic exchanges since Coincheck was hacked for $530,000,000.

The Zaif hack occurred on Sept. 14 but was apparently not discovered until Sept. 17. The hackers managed to steal various amounts of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monacoin from the exchange’s hot wallet, which was collectively worth about 6.7 billion yen (or just under $60 million).

Zaif has stated however that the efforts to re-enable deposits and withdrawals by are already well underway. The exchange has also reported the hack to the Japanese Treasury Department (who are ostensibly already investigating the incident)

Zaif also claims to have already made damages declaration to the relevant authorities. An official statement put out by the exchange said, “Currently, we are checking and strengthening security and rebuilding the server in order to restart the system.”

Zaif has additionally notified Japan’s Financial Services Agency, as well as invited a third-party investigation firm known as the Kaichi Corporation to review possible causes of the hack and to trace the steps the hackers took to carry it out.

The most concrete step that they have taken so far is to announce that the managing team that oversaw the exchange during the hack. This is seen in the following official statement:

“All of our management team takes seriously that our valuable deposit assets have disappeared due to this hacking damage. As a result, even if the virtual currency equivalent to customer’s assets can be prepared by the above-mentioned funding etc., the concerns and inconveniences given to customers are tremendous.

As a result, our current management team has responded with full power to this matter, and we are fully committed to preserving the customer’s assets and fulfilling our obligation to hand over control to the management team of the Fiscal Group, which acquires a majority of control. We will retire our officers as a management responsibility.”

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.