Is Basic Attention Token Coming to Samsung Galaxy S10? Rumors Send BAT Soaring

Basic Attention Token (BAT) spiked on Tuesday amid rumors that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship with the Enjin cryptocurrency wallet preinstalled. Leaked images of the new Samsung Blockchain keystore reportedly show the BAT logo embedded within the Enjin Wallet, raising the prospect of a potential partnership between Basic Attention Token and the smartphone maker.

BAT Price Update

The value of BAT surged by as much as 45% on Tuesday to reach a high of $0.1912, according to CoinMarketCap. That was the token’s best level in over three months.

At the time of writing, BAT was valued at $0.1655, having gained 26.1% over the past day. In the last 24 hours, trade volumes have skyrocketed from $6 million to $60 million. That’s the highest turnover in more than a year. The biggest markets for BAT trades were Binance and UPbit. Combined, they accounted for nearly 60% of the daily trade volumes, based on the latest available data.

BAT was also in the driver’s seat against its largest crypto peers, bitcoin and Ethereum. It spiked 25.6% against bitcoin to trade at 0.00004294 BTC. The BAT/ETH pair surged 27.3% to 0.00120027.

At current values, Basic Attention Token has a total market capitalization of $205.1 million, where it ranked 29th among active cryptocurrencies. It has also put some distance between it and the likes of OmiseGo, Chainlink and Zilliqa.

Compared with BAT, the overall cryptocurrency market gained just 1.2% on Tuesday.

BAT-Samsung Connection?

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 smartphone will likely come with pre-installed support for the Enjin cryptocurrency wallet, according to leaked images from Crypto Asia Today. The images reportedly show the BAT logo within the Enjin Wallet, fueling speculation of a potential partnership between Basic Attention Token and the smartphone maker.

BAT is one of many tokens supported by the Enjin Wallet, so it’s not entirely clear whether Samsung has any special plans for the cryptocurrency. More on the Enjin story can be found here.

Hacked first reported on the Samsung Galaxy S10-cryptocurrency connection last month. Read: Are Cryptocurrency Wallets Coming to Samsung Galaxy S10?

Basic Attention Token is developing a new ecosystem for digital advertisers without the middlemen. Through its custom Brave browser, users can directly support content creators with BAT. Content creators themselves can use the cryptocurrency to purchase advertising on the platform. The company behind BAT is looking to break the monopoly of Google and Facebook, which take three-quarters of all advertising dollars and account for nearly 99% of the market’s growth. BAT is essentially using blockchain technology to overcome centralization in the digital advertising space, which should help content creators monetize their work without Facebook or Google eating their earnings.

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