ICOs to Watch in 2018: FarmaTrust and OpenPlatform

During the dot-com boom and bubble of the 1990’s, millions of dollars flooded into the market. A lot of that investment money was lost to vaporware and underperforming startups. Cryptocurrency ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) remind me of this time.

While a lot of companies failed, some flourished and continue today. Blockchain infrastructure companies and platforms are paving the way for the next step in technological advancement for products to build on. While there are various viewpoints cryptocurrencies, one thing remains true, blockchain infrastructure, protocols and platforms are changing the technology landscape right in front of us. Why do I share this? Because now is the time for investors to be a part of some of the greatest technological advances in decades.

There are a couple of ICOs in particular that are changing the world and have very low hard caps for what they are looking to achieve. The hard cap is what an ICO determines as the most amount of capital it will raise before getting listed on an exchange. When researching ICOs, it is always a good idea to start with this number as it represents the potential ROI compared to other cryptocurrencies already listed.


When technology and humanity meet for the greater good, the world changes for the better. FarmaTrust (FTT) is at the forefront of this movement, building a secure platform on the blockchain that eliminates counterfeit drugs and saves companies millions. According to a PWC recent report, up to 30% of all drugs in circulation are fake.

“Fraudulent drugs harm or kill millions around the world and inflict serious damage on the brand names and bottom lines of major pharmaceutical manufacturers.” (PWC Study)

Using cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis, FarmaTrust tracks drugs from the manufacturer to the actual point-of-sale. They are also saving companies money by providing predictive supply chain analysis and the most efficient routes to market. Helping to prevent fraudulent medicines will save lives and money.

From an investment point of view, FarmaTrust is selling 60% of their token supply during the ICO phase with a hard cap of only $20 million at a price of $0.05 per token. FarmaTrust has already started developing key partnerships that will help accelerate their progress. Many investors are pouring money in infrastructure, protocol and blockchain platforms as well as a few top dApps. It is within reason for FarmaTrust to reach a $140,000,000 market cap based on competitor analysis which would give investors a 7x ROI from the ICO launch. If FarmaTrust meets all of their deadlines and accomplishes what they set in the roadmap, the long-term for this ICO could reach over 10x ROI. As with all investment advice, please do your own research. FarmaTrust is one to watch for 2018.


The second ICO to watch for in 2018 is OpenPlatform (OPEN). If you are a developer, you understand how complex it can be to set up and handle payment processing or integrating with the blockchain. The OPEN platform is the foundation for the first decentralized API for centralized applications allowing developers to easily integrate decentralized technology into existing centralized apps. Major companies are realizing the benefit of using decentralized apps and the blockchain but usually don’t have the resources to implement the complex solutions.

OpenPlatform provides an API for developers to integrate faster and more cost-effectively to a payment processing infrastructure on the blockchain. For example, if a company wants to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in their existing app, they can use the OPEN API to facilitate that transaction and talk directly to their app database. OpenPlatform provides the technology and security allowing companies to quickly integrate their existing app to a decentralized app. Read the whitepaper to learn more about how this works.

OpenPlatform currently has over 58,000 users on their Telegram and the demand for their technology is growing every day. The OpenPlatform token is ERC20 and is currently $0.08 per token. The hard cap was initially set at $30 million but was reduced to $18 million. This gives OpenPlatform more room to grow their market cap once they list on an exchange. $18 million is low in the current ICO landscape. The potential for OpenPlatform’s market cap to reach $500,000,000 over the next few months is likely as they roll out their features and continue to build key partnerships.

ICOs to watch of 2018 will continue over the coming weeks and we will also provide updates on the ICOs listed in this series. Tell us which ICOs you think are ones to watch and why in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.