ICO Analysis: Yumerium

Steam meets Kickstarter!

Yumerium is a blockchain-based platform, enabling gamers to earn tokens by playing, sharing and making contributions to the ecosystem and game developers to start crowdfunding campaigns if they do not have the necessary funds to develop a game.

As far as one can tell at the moment, Yumerium is building a platform similar to Steam. Gamers will be able to buy games developed by the team or partnered developers and create reviews for existent games. Compared to Steam, Yumerium comes with a great advantage: In Steam, one cannot resell games, but in Yumerium it is possible to resell owned games. This makes it possible that one can resell a finished game and buy from someone else a game that he or she wishes to play and so on.

Yumerium puts strong importance on indie game studios and developers. Not only does the platform allow them to run crowdfunding campaigns, but via Yumerium’s Marketing Fund, these developers will also be provided incentives to run their campaigns on Yumerium. Whether this move shall be successful is hard to guess at the moment, but given that mainstream application and game platforms such as Google Play Store and Steam get a high cut, the incentive is certainly there for game developers, allowing them to have a fair share of the revenue.

During Q3 of this year, the Yumerium team plans to launch CryptoMine with Yumerium support. During Q4, they will launch partner games and 3rd party support before hoping to achieve widespread adoption by Q1 of 2019 with 3rd party games hosted on the platform.


YUM tokens will be used for several purposes within the platform:

  • YUM can be used as in-game currency and users can buy games with YUM.
  • If a developer implements a rewarding mechanism, players can be rewarded in YUM in an automated manner.
  • Similar to Kickstarter, Yumerium can be used as a crowdfunding platform for games.
  • It will also act as a payment gateway.

At the moment Yumerium Store has listed seven virtual reality games: CryptoMine, Hell Dimension VR, Kingdom Watcher, Mega Overload, and Dream Pets VR. All of the games except for Cryptomine, which has yet to be released, can be bought in the Yumerium Store with YUM tokens or in the Steam Store with fiat money.

The total supply of YUM is approximately 634 million tokens with the following token distribution:

  1. 50% token sale
  2. 10% reserve
  3. 20% team and advisors
  4. 20% network seeding

Unsold tokens from the token sale will be used to reward users playing games in Yumerium. In earlier public pre-sale rounds tokens are sold with bonuses between 10% and 30%. Any information about vesting periods and cliffs for tokens are not made public yet.

The team is planning to use the token sale proceeds as follows:

  1. 45% game development and strategic partners
  2. 20% marketing community fund
  3. 10% platform development
  4. 10% open-source SDK development
  5. 6% native token development
  6. 5% website and community operation costs
  7. 4% legal and other fees

The crowdsale is planned to start on September 26th and as of August 22nd, the white-list is still open.


Founder and CEO Jikhan Jung: Jung has worked in several VR companies, such as Subdream Studios where he is the current CEO and VR Plus, a VR gaming company.

CTO Francisco Martin: Martin is the CTO at Subdream Studios and has worked as a game director at Virtual World Arcade.

CSO Jaehyun Lee: Lee, the former CEO at Super Bee and Zen Software, is the current CEO at Hurbit, a cryptocurrency exchange.


Koji Sakamoto: Sakamoto is the former managing director at Excite Japan, CEO at YJ America and a former corporate officer at Yahoo! Japan. He is currently the board director at TBM Co., Ltd.


VR Plus: The biggest VR arcade franchise in Korea will act as a distribution partner.

Subdream Studios: A California-based game developer.


Below is a breakdown of the risks and growth potential of Yumerium.


  • Historically speaking, gaming platform ICOs do not have good ROI. (-1)
  • No to small marketing campaign so far, resulting in low community interest. (-2)

Growth Potential

  • Though gaming platform ICOs usually fail to meet expectations, they get a lot of interest from the crowd. (+1.5)
  • Aims to provide most of Steam’s and Kickstarter’s features with some additional ones. Allowing players to resell owned games is definitely a good move. (+2.5)
  • Allocating some tokens for Marketing Fund to incentivize developers to use Yumerium might create great interest in the project. (+1.5)
  • A good blockchain gaming platform is much needed. (+1)


Yumerium is essentially a gaming platform, sharing many features with Steam and Kickstarter. Although gaming platform ICOs historically do not do well, Yumerium still might attain serious attraction from both gamers and developers if they execute a great marketing campaign. Yumerium receives a 5/10.

Investment Details

  • Type: ERC20 – Utility
  • Symbol: YUM
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale: September 26, 2018
  • Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Price: $0.01
  • Hard Cap: $20,000,000
  • Payments Accepted: ETC, BTC
  • Restricted from Participating: China, USA

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