ICO Analysis: Triwer

Triwer is a parcel delivery platform that aims to take over the courier express parcel market while reducing its carbon footprint. Triwer will help e-commerce business consumers receive their deliveries more efficiently and at a lower cost. By using smart contracts and GPS tracking, Triwer will eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks benefiting both online businesses and shoppers. The company will operate on blockchain technology that will be able to track assets each step of the delivery cycle among multiple carriers creating more competition that results in more options for consumers.

The Triwer application has a built-in price comparison that will allow businesses and consumers to choose the best options and prices for them. Online shoppers will be able to create a profile that they can use across multiple online stores so they will always be in control of their shipping options allowing personalization of delivery preferences including GPS tracking down to the final of delivery. Transportation companies will also benefit by being able to acquire additional deliveries that are close to their route improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

Triwer uses Ethereum ERC20 smart contracts that can be duplicated by multiple parties carrying out different commitments to the delivery process. The main contract will be on the Ethereum blockchain, however sensitive information will be stored on side-chains operating on the Triwer protocol providing privacy when necessary. When an order is placed, a smart contract is initiated and validated through the blockchain. Sensitive data is transferred to side-chains until completion.

Triwer will generate revenue of 5% – 15% of the overall delivery process. Cross-border deliveries and crowd deliveries are expected to yield the highest returns. Triwer will launch in cities in every major European country initially with crowd delivery services. Then they will expand into nationwide service provisions, and ultimately cross borders. The goal is to scale quickly by building critical mass and market penetration by using aggressive marketing and sales strategies.


All transactions on the main blockchain and side-chains will operate using Triwer’s ERC20 utility token (TRW). There will also be a mobile app that will use an automated exchange application that transfers cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies into TRW for the smart contract. When starting the smart contract, the shipper pays into an escrow service that holds the TRW until the contract e. The recipients of the TRW may choose to hold on to it for future payments using Triwer, or they can convert TRW back to another cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

The public token sale begins May 15, 2018, and ends June 30, 2018, with a token price of $0.08 USD per unit of TRW. 375,000,000 TRW (37.5%) will be available during the public token sale with a hard cap of $25 million USD.

The token distribution is as follows:

  • 37.64% Company Reserve
  • 37.50% Public Token Sale
  • 14.86% Private Pre-Sale
  • 8% Marketing & Bounty
  • 2% Private Investors


The public sale starts May 15th, 2018. You can sign up here.


The team brings relevant experience with 12 members being listed on the website along with 4 advisers. They also include their LinkedIn profiles with the majority of the team listing Triwer at the top. The following are a few team members and advisers:

  • Per Havden – CEO: Formerly: iStone AB; Financial Adviser, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Manager in Corporate Finance Ernst & Young; Business Development Manager
  • Alexander Martin – Finance Manager with 25 years experience managing startups. He was previously with Ernst & Young in London and Barcelona.
  • Carl Unger – Brand & Marketing Manager with 30 years experience in branding, marketing and PR, having worked with three of the largest communication companies in the world.

Triwer advisers include:

  • Kedar Iyer – Founder of Emergent Phenomena, Ethereum blockchain expert and author of two blockchain books.
  • Suchet Dhindsa – COO of Everipedia who previously served the United Nations.
  • Michael Stout -Senior Security Expert who consulted at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre.

Visit their website, triwer.io, to view the complete list of team members and advisors.


Triwer aims to improve the shipping and receiving experience for companies and consumers with full transparency, best-price delivery, and last mile real-time tracking. If Triwer can achieve their goal of becoming the best option for point-to-point deliveries and express deliveries for e-commerce shoppers, the profit potential is enormous in this vast market.


  • Team members have outside obligations which detract from giving full attention to the success of the project. -1
  • More than likely there will be multiple new competitors arising in this industry and existing companies such as Amazon will inevitably seek to use blockchain technology to enhance their business in the near future. -1
  • Marketing is extremely important in creating a successful ico as well as a successful business in the future. Only 8% of the token allocation is allocated for marketing, including bounties. -1

Growth Potential

  • While some competitors are focusing on U.S. markets, Triwer aims to corner the market in European countries before expanding to Asia and the U.S. +4
  • Token metrics are favorable for ICO investors with over 50% of total tokens available during private pre-sale and public sale with a low market cap of $25 million. +3
  • The team is 12-members strong and brings extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in the areas necessary to complete the roadmap they’ve set for themselves to be successful in the short and long-term. +3


Triwer has the ambitious goal of becoming the Uber of the European parcel market with 100% insured shipments, a paperless system that uses PickPack, and a platform with 24/7 live chat and phone customer support. If able to provide deliveries with real-time and last mile tracking, people able to control their shipping needs with a smartphone, and transparency that’s enabled by blockchain technology and smart contracts, Triwer could provide excellent returns for investors. Triwer receives a rating of 7 out of 10.

Investment Details

  • Symbol: TRW
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Public Sale: May 15, 2018 – June 30, 2018
  • Price: 1 TRW = $0.08 USD
  • Hard Cap: $25M USD
  • Payments Accepted: ETH, BTC
  • Tokens Available For Purchase: 375,000,000 TRW
  • Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 TRW

For more information regarding Triwer:

Website: triwer.io
Telegram: t.me/triwer (over 43k members)
Twitter: twitter.com/TriwerTech
Facebook: facebook.com/triwertech/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/triwertech/
Reddit: reddit.com/user/triwertech

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