ICO Analysis: SmartChain Media

SmartChain Media aims to disrupt the entertainment industry with iProdoos – a crowdfunding blockchain platform for premium TV, film, documentary and other forms of online content. It is the first crowdfunding platform that will allow users to generate revenue from the projects they fund and support.

By merging social media, crowdfunding and premium content into a single platform, iProdoos facilitates interaction between fans and content creators. The streamlined iProdoos production model will result in higher revenue and profit margins for content producers, as well as lower costs to the viewer. By owning all original content, iProdoos will eliminate the high cost of licensing and allow for unrestricted international distribution of programming to a global market. The original content will be professionally produced and delivered without ads or commercials, available via any Internet-connected device. The interfaces will be multilingual starting with the top five languages from around the world.

iProdoos can achieve market success with viewership requirements that are much lower than any competitor, which allows high-quality content to be created with lower costs and less effort to reach and maintain audiences. The iProdoos platform combines premium content, social media and crowdfunding in one easy-to-use and ad-free streaming platform. Fans will be able to connect with content creators giving each party more freedom, fulfillment and a sense of purpose related to the content they create and consume.

iProdoos plans to become the dominant virtual entertainment and content network globally and maintain its position based on the following competitive advantages:

  • Partnering with key global influencers, producers, writers, actors, directors and others to develop and deliver innovative and immersive premium content.
  • Developing only original content.
  • No ads or commercials needed to sustain and scale business model globally.
  • Consumers will have a vested interest in content (revenue generation for consumers who fund projects).
  • Very economical viewing fee, via subscription or pay per view.
  • Wish List feature, which allows fans to support the content they want to see and suggests concepts for new TV shows, films, documentaries and other kinds of content.
  • Consumer interactivity with actors and production teams.
  • Zero cable limitations with regards to regions and schedules.
  • A true social media revenue model.
  • No licensing fees for worldwide distribution.
  • Greater production value for consumers and producers.
  • Creative freedom for producers and creators.
  • Greater revenue opportunity for content creators worldwide.

SmartChain Media is currently in negotiations with top music producers, entertainment leaders, health and exercise experts, top video game developers and publishers, and reality show gurus. The beta platform and app are set to private mode and currently only shared with entertainment and industry partners of SmartChain Media. Initial partner pilot program and full platform testing are scheduled for Q3 and full platform launch release to the market platform is scheduled for Q4 2018.


The MEDIA token is an ERC20 token that will be required to gain access to the platform and engage with projects and stars. Users will be able to fund their favorite TV shows and help bring innovative new concepts to life through the use of MEDIA. Users will be offered a revenue share in MEDIA based on the success of the projects they fund.

The pre-sale is currently ongoing with a $25 million USD hard cap. Public sale is to be determined. There are 175 million MEDIA available for purchase with a total supply of 500 million.

The use of funds is broken down below:

  • 25% Marketing
  • 20% Operations
  • 18% Platform Development
  • 14% Operational Reserves
  • 10% Contingency
  • 8% Reward Program
  • 5% Partnerships


The SmartChain Media team bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of technology, entertainment, blockchain, social media, influencer marketing, gaming, finance, successful start-ups and business scaling. Executive team members include:

  • Alexander Riggs-Miller: Founder/Chief Executive Officer/CTO. Riggs-Miller has over 23 years of experience in IT consulting, business management and business consulting.
    He’s held global strategic and operational roles in some of the world’s key companies, including Citrix Systems, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Goldman Sachs and John Hancock Financial.
  • Cameron Casey: Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer. Casey has over 30 years of broadcast TV, feature films, digital content and product marketing. He has also worked with top brands across the U.S. and internationally, including Sony, Honeywell, Max Factor, Estee Lauder Chanel, Unilever, Panasonic and Apple.
  • Hal Bame: Co-Founder/Chief Business Development Officer. Bame has over 15 years of games and digital experience and has held senior management roles for Sony (PlayStation). He has also worked in expanding/managing the business in Eastern Europe and Codemasters, overseeing international/emerging markets and managing game franchises such as Formula One.

The SmartChain Media advisory team is 18 members strong and includes top experts in entertainment, blockchain, social media and global business. SmartChain Media is extremely focused on working with influencers and few members of the impressive advisory team are particularly well positioned to help in this area:

  • Kevin Harrington: Co-Founder of EO; Inventor of the infomercial, original Shark on Shark Tank and pioneer of the ‘As Seen On TV’ industry.
  • Brian D. Evans: An Inc. 500 Entrepreneur and Forbes #7 marketing influencer, the founder of the 25th fastest growing advertising and marketing agency in America, and the founder of Influencive.com.
  • Dan Fleyshman: The youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. At the age of 23, he sold $15 million worth of clothing in six department store chains and surpassed expectations with his $9.5 million licensing deal with STARTER apparel.
  • Branden Hampton: Forbes rated #1 social media influencer who amassed a network of over 35,000,000 followers.


Enabling user-specific content at lower costs for both consumers and producers while encouraging interaction between the two, as well as giving consumers the option to support projects of interest, is a smart business model. SmartChain Media is designed to have multiple B2C and B2B revenue streams including subscription and pay-per-view models, exclusive merchandise based on viewers’ favorite content, product abd brand placement and partnerships with production, marketing and distribution companies creating virtual studios in every country.

Although SmartChain Media is entering a highly competitive space, they are taking a unique approach by gamifying their platform and creating fan engagement which could eclipse their competitors. If successful at implementation and mass adoption, there is a massive upside for this project.


  • Mass adoption of paid premium content is growing rapidlym which will definitely bring multiple competitors from those already in the field and without. -1.5
  • A $25,000,000 USD hard cap isn’t considered too high in today’s ICO market, but a lower hard cap would definitely be more appealing to investors. -1

Growth Potential

  • The list of SmartChain Media team members and advisers is quite impressive. With a massive total of 18 advisers, including many all-stars, they have every area covered to bring the project to fruition and achieve success. +3.5
  • With many ICOs starting with only a website and whitepaper, having an MVP is always a major positive. SmartChain Media has a beta platform and app available. +3
  • Having partnerships help secure the success of startup businesses. SmartChain Media has partnered with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Livestream, Akamai, Ustream, TDeutsche Telekom, Cloudflare, Cdnlion and L3Technologies. +2.25
  • SmartChain Media’s unique business model gives them first mover advantage which has proven to be advantageous, especially with quality blockchain businesses. Content creators now have a choice of limited exposure (cable, Netflix, etc.) or unlimited exposure with iProdoos. +1.5


iProdoos is a revolutionary blockchain platform that uses Web 3.0 technology to allow users to become truly invested and engaged in the content they watch. With a proprietary social media engine and token ecosystem, users will be able to support and fund their favorite shows and movies, while also interacting directly with show runners and stars. Using a subscription and pay-per-view model, users will only pay for the content they actually want to watch at a fraction of current prices in this industry. Unlike their competitors, which create content and hope you like it, iProdoos’ content isn’t created until it’s funded, which allows SmartChain Media to continuously operate in the black.

Having a solid team, a massive all-star advisory board, partnerships and an MVP, SmartChain Media could possibly be one of the big winners in 2018. SmartChain Media warrants a rating of 7.75 out of 10.

Investment Details

  • Symbol: MEDIA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 MEDIA = $0.145 USD
  • Hard Cap: $25M USD
  • Pre-Sale: Currently ongoing
  • Public Sale: TBD
  • Available for Purchase: 175 million MEDIA (35%)
  • Payments Accepted: ETH, BTC, WIRE

For more information regarding SmartChain Media:
Website: smartchainmedia.com
Telegram: t.me/smartchainmedia
Facebook: www.facebook.com/smartchainmedia/
Twitter: twitter.com/SmartChainMedia
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/smartchainmedia/