ICO Analysis: Smart Valor

The Consensus Conference just came to an end. And although it didn’t quite produce the instant moon shots expected around the market, it did produce a smorgasbord of tasty new projects. Perhaps the most succulent one is a decentralized, community-based marketplace for tokenized alternative investments called Smart Valor.

The VALOR Platform is blockchain agnostic and designed to evolve and expand over time. Most of the components will be open source with outside contributors able to build apps on top of it. Here are the current components that will be available on the platform.

  • App marketplace: Third party providers or any contributor for that matter can build apps on top of Valor. The users can then purchase or license these apps via the marketplace
  • ICO platform with tokenization engine: Basicallyn this is an incubator. VALOR helps guide new projects through the token sale process, making sure the model/smart contract is consistent with the asset.
  • Task marketplace: Anyone with talent will be rewarded for coding, research, performance predictions and more. According to the company, “Positive reviews from the community and accurate performance predictions will build your publicly verifiable reputation and increase your earning potential.”
  • Governance and voting engine: The community will govern most of VALOR by voting on decisions, contributing to polls, introducing petitions, etc.
  • Rewards and bounty programs: Stakeholders earn rewards by engagement in opinion polls, being involved in governance matters, giving input on new assets being considered for listing, providing liquidity and much more things that haven’t been added yet.
  • Decentralized auctioning marketplace: Smart contract enabled auction marketplace that helps price discovery and supports liquidity in low volume traded assets, for both investors and asset issuers.
  • Licensed exchange: Trade asset and crypto tokens while following all regulations.
  • Authentication and identity: Authenticate and manage user IDs with multi-factor authentication implemented.
  • Secure custody for crypto assets: Valor accounts or wallets allow you to hold your tokenized assets safe and securely.
  • Portfolio management: User-friendly dashboard, desktop and mobile. Integrates risk analysis and performance prediction apps from the app marketplace.

What can be found in the VALOR marketplace? Tokenized alternative investments.

The Valor Platform fundamentals include:

  • Blockchain based securitization: Representation of assets through cryptographic tokens enabling efficient, instant and secure transfer of value.
  • Focus on alternative investments: Will Focus on inaccessible and mostly illiquid assets – as well as safe-haven investments.
  • Community-driven value creation: A decentralized organization with meritocracy-based rewards for individual contributors.
  • Fully compliant and licensed platform: The VALOR Platform is in the process of undergoing regulatory approval to act as a fully licensed marketplace for alternative investments.


This project is still in its private pre-sale phase. They have yet to release a whitepaper, and there is very little info on the token.  Here’s the information available as of May 17, most of it comes from this livestream of Olga speaking to a small crowd on May 8th: https://smartvalor.com/ama-livestream/

The Valor token will serve several functions.

  1. Contribute to value creation: Earn rewards through investing or by contributing your expertize to the Valor Community, with coding, research, market predictions etc.
  2. Build your reputation: Publicly verifiable reputations will increase earning potential. Everyone is equal at the start, and will earn value as they give value. Or the opposite.
  3. Voting rights: Allows holders to vote on strategic decisions.
  4. Special Privilege: Holding VALOR grant exclusive rights.
  5. Staking: Asset issuers and service providers must stake a certain amount of token as collateral. In case of misconduct or non-compliance, the tokens are forfeited.

The allocation is as follows:

  • 45% Distributed to token purchasers
  • 19% Founders, future employees, advisers
  • 5% Liquidity buffer
  • 5% Bounties and network growth
  • 26%Retained for future development (locked up 3 years)


Team Smart Valor is already 13 people deep, have offices in Paris and Munich, and are headquartered in Zug, where they are hosted by the Thomson Reuters Incubator. Zug is turning into one of the leading Cities for start-ups. Part of that popularity is due to Founder Olga Felldmeiers working with Swiss Officials to give blockchain innovators the freedom to do their thing.

(At Galaxy with the legend himself, Mike Novogratz 5/16)

Oliver Feldmeier: COO – an expert in digital transformation, Founder and Managing Director of Verto Advisory (Switzerland) and Technology Advisor at Capgemini (Germany).

Julien Bringer: Chief Security and Cryptography Expert. Holds over 50 patents and has authored over 80 publications on security and cryptography. Headed the cryptography and security research team for six years for IDEMIA.

Thomas Felber: CIO, Co-founder and Head of IT at BeeZero. Previously Co-founder and Managing Partner of software development and IT consultancy Tekaris (Germany).

There are six impressive adviswrs including the  co-founder at swytch.io, the founder of PAY.ON, and an ex-board member of the Ethereum Foundation.


Traditionally, only whales were able to get into the trillions of dollar alternative investments industry. But now that we can tokenize and make liquid any and all assets, the little guy finally gets to buy and sell tiny fractions of everything 24/7,  with instant transaction executions, instead of waiting a couple days like on the stock markets.


  • They want the community to pretty much run the platform in the future. With so many different projects out already, it could prove to be hard finding enough enthusiastic community members. -1
  • There have already been quite a few asset tokenization project failures already. -1
  • Although it sounds like this team is prepared for all the regulatory hurdles coming their way, it still won’t be easy. –2
  • The private pre-sale is way too private, and loose. They have yet to put out the whitepaper, yet have been collecting funds for at least three weeks. -1

Growth Potential

  • Hosted by the Thomson Reuters Incubator, the project seems powerful. A lot of thomson Reuters Incubator projects present at major conferences, and connect with each other. +2
  • They are listed as one of Europe’s 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs for 2018 by Forbes. +2
  •  SmartValor will have an incubator of their own for new projects to be created.+3.5
  • Potential partnerships out the wazoo. +2
  • Founder, Olga Feldmeier has “it”. And people see it, she speaks at all the major conferences, and constantly helps convince the higher-ups to allow Switzerland to be one of the leaders in blockchain innovation. +3


VALOR hits on all cylinders.

Although there will be many similar protocols to compete with,  Valor separates itself by being blockchain agnostic and focusing their energy specifically on alternative investments and compliance with regulators.   7.5/10.

Investment Details

  • Platform: erc20, but will be blockchain agnostic
  • Hard Cap: $35 million
  • Total Supply:  100 million
  • Tokens for sale: 45 million
  • Price: $1 before bonus
  • Private Pre-sale: 50% bonus Sign up https://smartvalor.com/pre-sale/
  • Crowd sale: TBA (will have lower bonus tears)
  • Whitelist: https://smartvalor.com/pre-sale/
  • First AMA Video: 1 hour long . https://smartvalor.com/ama-livestream/

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