ICO Analysis: Creator.ai

Influencer marketing is a way of promoting your product or service by using people who have an established digital presence, and a large and trusted follower base on social media. This way of advertising is proving to be extremely effective, yet in no way perfect. Most influencers currently have no way to monetize their social media followers, except on YouTube.

The current leader of the influencer marketing industry is a platform called Captiv8.io. Captiv8 is a SaaS platform, powered by a layer of data and machine learning that allows for influencer discovery, and measures success of campaigns. They are partnered with Facebook, Instagram, Forbes and the top-three global talent agencies. Companies like Coke, Disney and Walmart use their platform. The Captiv8 team sees the advantages crypto can bring their platform, and are developing a set of protocols to handle campaign creation, payments, contracts and content delivery by leveraging the blockchain. This new protocol will be called Creator.ai, and Captiv8 will be the first DApp on the platform.

“We make influencer marketing affordable and attainable to brands and companies while giving content creators the means to monetize their social channels and followers – all in one decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem. Our team at Creator.ai will leverage decades of combined expertise to disrupt the $300 billion-dollar content industry by creating price transparency, programmatic trust, and a globally connected system of creators”

Creator.ai will provide several advantages over their competition, including instant borderless payments, decentalized protocols and micro-transactions. The Creator.ai ecosystem will be comprised of five protocols.

Creator.ai will have many additional features including AI machine learning, and sentiment analysis. Most of these features are already up and running on Captiv8, which is why they are the largest influencer.


The CR8 token will power the Creator.ai ecosystem, serving as the intermediary between marketers, content creators and Community Content Reviewers.

Marketers use CR8 to pay Content Creators and Community Content Reviewers.

Anyone can use CR8 to utilize the Insights protocol to view actionable data about their social media accounts or any public accounts.

Token holders can stake CR8 to either receive insights, bring a dispute to arbitration, or potentially get chosen as an arbitrator during disputes.

A three-step POC (Proof of Creativity) system will reward reviewers of content with a portion of the transaction fees. It’s technical, learn more about it on page 25 of the whitepaper.

The token allocation is as follows:

  • 35% Crowd sale
  • 20% Reserve
  • 20% Community/platform development
  • 15% Team (vested 1 year)
  • 10% Advisors (vested 6 months)

Below is a breakdown of the use of funds:

  • 45% Growth
  • 37% Operations
  • 15% Marketing
  • 3% Legal

All bonuses will be locked up for 2 months after the end of the crowd sale. Unsold tokens will be burned.


Creator.ai is a wholly owned subsidy of Captiv8.io, the world’s largest enterprise influencer marketing platform. Captiv8’s DApp is the first to use the Creator.ai protocols.

The three founders of Creator.ai have been together for years. They partnered up and created Mobclix in 2008, which became the largest mobile ad exchange before being acquired by Vilti. Then in 2015, the 3 of them founded Captiv8.

Co-founder Krishna Subramanian is the absolute real deal. He served as VP of marketing at Yahoo in 2007, Founded Mobclix in 2008 and served as CMO at Vilti for three years. He was on the board of directors for the Mobile Marketing Association from 2012-2014. He co-founded Captiv8 in 2015.

Co-founder Sunil Verma also founded Mobclix and worked for Vilti as Chief Business Development Officer.

Co-founder Vishal Gurbuxani worked five years as a manager at Accenture before founding Mobclix and Captiv8 with Krishna and Sunil.

The advisers are extremely impressive. Distributed Network Advisors, Galaxy, and WAX are three of the biggest players in the game.


Influencer marketing is a $300 billion industry that is growing fast. This revolutionary protocol will open up the entire world for marketers. This includes no language or currency barriers, as well as the dissolution of borders. The team already proved they have the chops to scale when they built the current largest AI influencer marketing platform, Captiv8.


  • In a way, this project is similar to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook and other platforms will be coming up with new ways to protect user data. This could hinder Creator.AI’s data collecting. -1
  • This project on Ethereum, which means they will need to integrate different scaling solutions that haven’t been perfected yet. This is a challenge all DApps on Ethereum with micro-transactions face. -2
  • There is already, and will be in the future, tons of competition. So far though, Captiv8 is No. 1 , and Creative.ai is by far the most advanced project out of its current competition. -0.5

Growth Potential

  • The token sale allocates 20% to be locked in a reserve for two years. This reserve will be used for growth operations and marketing.+1
  • DNA and Galaxy Digital are just a couple of their high profile advisers. After six months, they will receive 10% of the total token allocation. These guys don’t back projects they don’t believe in. They will be putting in their resources to get this thing mainstream.+3
  • The first DApp to use the Creator.ai protocol will be Captiv8, whcih is already partnered with the three top global talent agencies (CAA, WME, UTA). In Q3 of 2017 they became the first influencer marketing platform to become marketing partners with both Facebook and Instagram. In Q4 they partnered with Forbes to provide social media insights data on their articles. These are world class partnerships. +3
  • The roadmap is vague, but does list the most important milestones: The Insights Protocol will be complete in Q3 2018, Reporting Protocol complete in Q4 2018 and the Content Review Protocol Q1, 2019. +1
  • Influencers can now get value in CR8 tokens from their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers, something they’ve not been able to do  This is righteous stuff. +3


It’s rare that an ICO hits on all cylinders like Creator.ai seems to be doing. This looks like a great opportunity to get in early on a game changing protocol. 7.5/10

Investment Details:

  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Symbol: CR8
  • Total Supply: 1 billion tokens (1,000,000,000)
  • For Sale: 350 m Price: avg of $0.06
  • Private Pre-sale: Live, email [email protected] to try and get in
  • Pre-sale: May, date will be available soon https://www.creator.ai/
  • Hard cap: $20 million
  • Soft cap: $12 million
  • Public Sale: sometime in Q2 2018 (hacked will update when info becomes available)
  • Whitelist: https://www.creator.ai/
  • Telegram: https://t.me/creatorai
  • Juridictions Barred from Participation: China

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