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By 2017, cryptocurrencies reached their mainstream peak, where people like Alan Greenspan and Microsoft’s Bill Gates were talking about the possible value in this new digital asset class.

The current state of blockchain technology has already proven itself more than just worthy, improving the lives of many people and legal entities in various ways. However, blockchain-powered platforms require an enormous amount of computing power to run smoothly.

One of the most important gears of the current blockchain-factory is the concept of “mining” cryptocurrencies, or in a nutshell, lending your computing power and resources in order to provide the blockchain the power it needs to perform the transactions set within the network, in exchange for a portion of the transaction.

While “mining” is necessary for most of the current blockchain systems, it is also a pain in the ass for various reasons, including

  • Mining has extremely high-energy costs
  • The noise and heat generated by the machinery could be really disturbing
  • Requires a lot of physical space
  • Requires expensive hi-tech ventilation/air-conditioning systems
  • Requires 24/7 personnel to monitor the plant

That is why, over time, mining ended up being extremely difficult and concentrated in a few hands. Most mining companies disappeared or merged with similar companies and those who take mining seriously even started to move to countries with low taxes and low electricity fees.

For some countries, mining feels are very low. Take Georgia, for example, where the average rental price per a square meter is not more than a couple dollars. The price per KWh is not more than $0.05, in opposition to the average European KWh price that is currently around $0.20.

Ambit Mining is a Georgian-based start-up that has been taking advantage of these features for some time now. The company operates its own mining plant, powered by major industrial titans like Schneider Electrics, AMD, NVidia, Cisco and Kingston.

Ambit Mining is constantly evolving and are now launching their own ICO to power an ecosystem of investors and developers under the Ambit Mining roof.

The Georgian company not only is one of the most promising, according to their latest transparency release, but they have ties to governmental institutions in Georgia, understanding both local and international markets with a solid and modern business plan.

Unlike most mining plants with a business model, that rent you specific hash power, Ambit Mining gives you the opportunity to be part of the business model by releasing 85% of their total token supply to the public.

Ambit Mining uses both ASICs and GPUs to diversify risks. They have a modern plant and they keep expanding. Ambit Mining unites mining, cloud, and hosting services into one decentralized platform, guided by the community shareholders.

The company is part of the economic free zone of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia and they have an interesting and transparent history when it comes to mining. Their latest project achieved 100% ROI in just five months.


The AMBT token is Ambit Mining ecosystem’s native currency. It can be used to purchase mining contracts, computing power, or even cloud space. Each token has a value that can be translated as a vote on significant community events and updates.

At the same time, naturally, you can swap your AMBT for ETH, or any other major cryptocurrency and find shelter in fiat or other altcoins.

The total token supply is set to 104,000,000 AMBT, 85% of which (88,000,000) will be accessible during the public sales.

Ambit Mining, unlike most ICOs, will require only 3% to be reserved for the company, while 9% is distributed to team and advisers, and the final 3% will be given to bounty participants.

The starting price of an AMBT token is approximately set around $0.5 per unit, which is ultra cheap, if you consider that projects with a similar total supply cost between $10 and $200 at the moment, with Ethereum (~99 million total supply) being the most expensive per unit at $585 US dollars.


Beka Vashakidze (Founder & CEO) is the CEO of BF group holding Company operating on mining in Georgia. He is involved in numerous different industries including Fintech, Digital Media, oil and gas among others.

Giorgi Inashvili (Chief Operational Officer) is behind numerous projects around marketing, sales, and logistics areas. He is talented in business planning and project management.

George Khmaladze (Chief Financial Officer) is currently a professor and lecturer at Georgian Technical University. He is an important figure in Georgia, having served director and chairman in various organizations in his country.

In the board of advisers, we can find Karan Khemani, CEO of Spectre, Miguel Palencia, Chief Information Officer at Qtum Foundation and Andri Matiukhin, Chief Technical Director at Hacken among others.

Overall, the Ambit team consists of professionals with years of experience in the mining scene. A big portion of the initial team is native Georgian, acknowledging the benefits of the grounds they live in.


Mining is a crucial part of most blockchain-based technology companies. The more companies adopting distributed ledger technology, the more mining will be required. Ambit offers its services as a solution to this problem, with specified facilities and reduced mining costs.

Indeed, Ambit has favorable synergies that could be very beneficial for someone looking at mining seriously. Within its years of operation, Ambit has managed already to create a 1 MW diversified mining facility in Tbilisi where it’s based. This facility has managed to achieve 100% ROI in five months.

This indicates that the operation is up and running, proving it can grow, provided that the terminals are put into place and running. Having the whole of the investment concentrated on one spot means that the service team will be able to respond very fast in case something goes wrong.

Ambit plans to grow its operation to 20 MW through this project, having mining enthusiasts on their side and the support of the high-end technology manufacturers affiliated with the company.

While mining is very important for most blockchain-platforms, there is a new wave of decentralized distributed ledgers that have a pre-established number of tokens, pre-mined and they use variations of the PoW protocol, eliminating the need for miners.


From an investor’s perspective, the following facts are important to consider when weighing Ambit Mining:

  • While Georgia may be friendly to mining at the moment, it still is a very expensive and energy-consuming “sport” that might be changed or even faded away in the future. -1.5
  • Mining nowadays is not as easy and profiting as it was during the “golden” days of the blockchain. Major mining companies have already established plants that work for years, having a standard client database. Ambit Mining will have to work hard to attract new investors into their network. Even with the lowest prices of the market, that is a challenge. -2
  • In general, mining facilities are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, and that does not exclude Ambit Mining from the list. For an example, an earthquake can be devastating for the company itself as the whole operation is relying on a single geo-location. -1
  • Ambit Mining’s native token, AMBT, does not offer anything out of the box, as there are infinite options already doing what AMBT is created to do. -2.5

Growth Opportunity

  • On the other hand, if considered seriously and programmed with technical craftsmanship, mining can be still one of the most profiting sub-sectors of blockchain technology. Ambit Mining seems to understand the specific market well with a series of transparency reports backing this fact. +2.5
  • Finding cheap operational fees in the sector is not a walk in the park. Whether Ambit Mining has chosen Georgia as their base due to the fact that it is their home country or the fact that it has cheap taxes, and electricity fees, it is one of their best key points for the moment. +3
  • Unlike most mining plants that are “decentrally centralized,” keeping almost half of the total token supply for the company, Ambit Mining is in position to share 85% of the total token supply with the community. +4
  • $0.5 per AMBT or any other token with a logical total token supply is more than just fair and it could bring an easy x4 to x5 just after the token enters the mainstream markets. +2.5


Ambit Mining could be a profitable model for ICO investors or even blockchain investors, but we should consider the fact that mining will have to eventually upscale its model into a less consuming, energy-efficient platform.

The company, as well as the team, look really promising and wise on the sector, although relying your whole business plan on a single country, on a single location could lead to unpleasant surprises in the future.

A score of 5 out of 10 is reserved for Ambit Mining, based on present facts.

Investment Details

  • Type: Crowdsale
  • Symbol: AMBT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Pre-Sale: Apr. 20, 2018
  • Public Sale: May 10, 2018
  • Payments Accepted: ETH, BTC (KYC Required)

 Official Website

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Disclaimer: The writer has no position in Ambit Mining at the time of writing.

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